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Is It Legal To Drive A Car With A Loud Exhaust System?

In the United States, it’s almost universally true that your car must have a muffler to be street legal. What’s more, every state and most cities/local authorities have rules prohibiting quote “loud” exhaust systems.

As a result, almost every car legally available for sale comes equipped with some sort of street-legal system. However, if you’ve decided to boost your car’s performance with an after-market exhaust system (and if you have, good work!), then you may be concerned that your exhaust system is too loud to be street legal.

Muffler & Exhaust System Sound Laws – No Standards For Maximum Noise

Unfortunately, there is no national law that vehicle owners and exhaust manufacturers can reference to make sure their systems aren’t too loud. Instead, every vehicle owner or exhaust system installer must know their local laws. In some states, such as California, the maximum sound level limit for vehicle exhausts is 95 decibels when measured next to the vehicle. In Kansas, state muffler laws require vehicle exhaust noise to be less than 90 decibels when measured from 50 feet away. Considering that sound loses power the further it travels, the 50 foot rule in Kansas means exhaust systems can be louder in that state than they can be in California. The state of Texas has no vehicle noise laws, meaning that cars and trucks can be even louder in Texas than they can in Kansas.

Of course, local communities can set their own rules that restrict sound levels even further. In New York City, drivers can be given a ticket if their car’s exhaust system is “plainly audible” from 150 feet away. In Mankato, MN, the maximum allowable exhaust sound limit is 86db, and many cities have adopted quiet rules that prohibit any loud exhaust system from operating between 11pm and 6am. Since there are no universal standards, it’s important that you learn the local laws for yourself.

It’s also important to recognize that the only way to measure sound levels is with a calibrated decibel meter…which is something most police cars don’t come equipped with. If you ever get a ticket for an overly loud exhaust system, you may be able to challenge it in court if the officer who ticketed you didn’t use a calibrated meter.

Standard Exhaust System Laws

While there are no standards for noise levels, there are some standard laws that apply to all cars in all states and localities:

  1. It’s illegal to try and modify your existing muffler to make your car louder. This law is on the books to prevent people from creating an exhaust leak, because exhaust leaks can be very dangerous.
  2. It’s illegal to drive a car that doesn’t have some kind of muffler. Open pipes are illegal anywhere you go.
  3. It’s illegal to remove the catalytic converter. Some people are under the impression that catalytic converters restrict exhaust flow, but they really don’t…especially newer models and/or catalytic converters designed for performance.
  4. It’s illegal to route your exhaust system through your vehicle’s passenger compartment.
  5. Backfires are illegal under any circumstance, and you can be ticketed if your car has a mechanical problem that causes frequent engine backfires.

What To Do If You’re Driving with a Loud Muffler

Since the law may vary from one community to another, and since enforcement of these laws is uneven, the best advice is:

  1. Drive as quietly as you can. Blipping the throttle at a red light is fun, but it’s noisy and likely to attract the attention of law enforcement. Same thing goes for WOT (wide open throttle) acceleration.
  2. Drive quietly late at night or early in the morning. If your car or truck has a loud exhaust system, a good way to avoid a ticket is to take it easy during the hours that most people sleep. Otherwise, you’re going to wake someone up and they’re going to call the cops and complain.
  3. Get with your local muffler shop and find out about swapping out your mufflers for something a little quieter. If that’s not an option, consider adding a removable muffler to the end of your vehicle’s tailpipe(s).

If you are pulled over for having a loud exhaust system, be sure to ask the officer if they had a chance to measure the decibels. If they didn’t use a sound meter, you may be able to ask them how they’re sure your system is too loud…as politely as possible, of course.

Good luck.

  1. Shane
    May 3 2012

    Any vehicle making a obvious loud noise should be fined & I hope they are for the maximum for noise disturbance. I especially can not stand the sport motorcycles. My experience is that sport motorcyclists are the most aggressive, inconsiderate and noisy drivers. Bad exhaust cars are also this way. I HOPE THEY ALL GET FINED.

    • Jason
      May 7 2012

      Shane – I appreciate your concerns. However, a street-legal exhaust system should be quiet enough for you to ignore by rolling up your windows and turning on your radio. If you’re hearing a vehicle’s exhaust loud and clear despite these measures, you’re either following someone who’s breaking the law or you live in a place without any noise regs.

      For what it’s worth, straight pipe exhaust systems (or really loud motorcycle exhaust systems) drive me nuts. No excuse for something that loud, especially considering there are no performance benefits to straight pipes over a street-legal exhaust (at least on street vehicles).

      • cassidy
        Mar 21 2013

        i understand that you believe that straight pipes do not inhance horse power… im not trying to be mean but your just simply wrong, they do inhance horse bower by letting more exhaust flow out of the engine but there are other, quieter ways to get the same ‘boost’ in horse power. thank you for your time.

        • Jason
          Mar 25 2013

          cassidy – I don’t think you’re being mean, but the fact is that a good muffler correctly paired with the right vehicle doesn’t effect performance in a substantial way…at least as far as street cars are concerned.

          Now if your street car has a performance suspension, racing slicks, a roll cage and a stripped-out interior, no carpet or sound deadening, no extra features that hurt performance like heavy stereos or hp robbing A/C systems, than straight pipes will give your vehicle a performance boost. But if you’re just putting straight pipes on a street car and saying it’s for “performance,” than you’re lying to yourself…getting rid of all the things I mentioned would have more of an effect. A LOT more.

        • Giselle
          Jun 13 2014

          it’s not “inhanced”. It’s “enhanced”.

    • straight manifold
      Dec 14 2012

      dont be hattin shane…IF ITS TO LOUD, YOUR TO OLD!!!

      • Jason
        Dec 14 2012

        straight manifold – First of all, don’t talk trash to other commentors here. That will get your comments deleted.

        Secondly, please understand that I’m a big performance enthusiast and even *I* think some exhaust systems are too loud. When you have a small child that wakes up whenever they hear a strange, loud noise, you’ll feel the same way.

        • Em
          Aug 25 2013

          So true Jason! It’s irritating beyond belief when someone with a super obnoxiously loud vehicle revs their engine or even just drives by the house. My baby gets woken up 3+ times a day from it and we live on a dead end street but it’s my rude & inconsiderate neighbor that has a super loud truck. It even wakes me up! So the whole “if it’s too loud you’re too old” thing is total bull… I’m a young mother and my baby and I absolutely HATE it!!! He just revs his engine all the time in his driveway… Hate hate hate hate hate! Anyone know if there is something I can do with the law to get him to stop once and for all?!?

          • Jason
            Aug 25 2013

            Em – Not sure what you can do really, but I feel your pain. Some communities have code enforcement officers that will ticket loud exhaust systems, so you might try that route. Your HOA might have some rules too (assuming you have an HOA).

    • tony
      Sep 7 2013

      how about those diesel trucks and those harley bikers those are the worst sounds

    • rowdy
      Sep 26 2014

      Motorcycles have a reason for being loud. People in cars don’t see them so they get hit by cars and die. They’re argument is you are going to hear them before u see them. It’s for safety purposes. They want you to know they are there.

  2. blain
    May 8 2012

    loud pipes saves lives all you guys whine too much.

    • Shawn P
      Jul 9 2014

      Loud pipes DO NOT save lives, Thats been proven a myth years ago

      • david
        Sep 23 2014

        don’t hate on loud trucks and Harley’s

    • Jason 2.0 (not the pansy)
      Jul 23 2014

      Wow…Some of you people disgust me with your opinions on loud exhausts. What harm does a big ole’ loud exhaust do to anyone? Does it scare you? Because if you can’t handle a little loud exhaust here and there then you should definitely not even be on the road, and just leave the roads for the people who actually enjoy driving their cars more than to and from work. I personally believe that cars sound more beautiful with a nice rumble in tune to the churning of its pistons than the sound of an electric piece of shit

      • Ren
        Jul 23 2014

        Y’know “Jason 2.0”, you are either thick or just have nothing better to do than troll… Either way, just admit the *fact* that you are inconsiderate of others and all that really matters is you getting your own way and we’ll all leave you alone… 🙂

      • Jason
        Jul 23 2014

        Jason 2.0 – As you mature past the ripe old age of 21 (my guess as to how old you are), you will start to understand that the world is full of people who aren’t you. When you realize that we all make accommodations for our fellow man, you’ll see how these noise ordinances aren’t a big deal either way.

  3. Brandon
    May 11 2012

    Wa wa wa! Cry me a flippin river. I hope I just happen to drive by with my straight pipe flowmaster 40 series and my aftermarket 1000cc exhaust. Wa wa wa!

    • juan
      Mar 7 2013

      im with you!
      people cry too much about loud cars, just put straight pipes n sounds like a beast! im not taking them off cause somebody is asleep at least i dont rev it. it shouldnt be loud if your not driving fast in a neighborhood

      • Giselle
        Jun 13 2014

        Juan- How can you be so inconsiderate? Are you really that selfish that your own enjoyment takes precedence over the well-being of the hundreds of people that you disturb when you drive by them? Where is your empathy?

  4. mike
    Jun 22 2012

    Ya screw this! I just steraght piped my ram pick up yesturday and already got pulled over for it being too loud! I wasn’t speeding just accelerating from a stop and the prick pulled me over! I only got a warning but now I gotta fix it! That’s bull! Its a loud truck, I’m not hurting anoyone or anything. It shouldn’t be a law. Instead of paying taxes for cops to yell at people for having porformance cars ( whixh is usually a hobby for people anyway!) Maybe the cops should stop thevies and murders! Illinois sucks never move here!

    • Jason
      Jun 22 2012

      Mike – I understand your frustration, but there are laws on the books about overly loud vehicles in every state in the union. As to why loud cars are illegal, the best reason I can think of is that not everyone wants to hear your exhaust system. Personally, I hate it when a ridiculously load car or motorcylce drives by, as my house backs up to a busy street. If you had a baby you’re trying to put down, only to be woken up by the world’s loudest truck driving by, you would understand.

      As I’ve said numerous times here on the site, straight pipes don’t add power on most engine setups unless you install a few other accessories…so there’s really no point in having them.

      • Jake
        Jul 1 2014

        If I want a loud exhaust on my car, then I should be able to have one!

        Maybe I’ll complain about your crappy lawn you claim to have because it hurts my eyes, or I’ll complain about your crying baby for hurting my ears, we all have complaints about sh*t, but the government does not have to make laws that restrict someone’s right to enjoy a loud exhaust!

        Maybe instead they should make smoking illegal first since it can kill that baby of yours, not just wake them up in the middle of the night. It’s obvious that you think the world revolves around you and your baby, nothing wrong with that, but instead of blaming your unhappiness on someone else, try to solve the problem yourself.

        Oh yeah and you mentioned living near a busy street…well I live right next to a dirt track, along with my 90 year old neighbor, and she has never complained about the cars being too loud!

        Loud exhausts are for the pleasure of the driver, as is smoking is the pleasure of the smoker…go ahead and ask yourself…which of these would hurt the health of your baby more? Actually, only one of these will at all!

        • Jason
          Jul 7 2014

          Angry much Jake? 🙂

          Your right to have a loud exhaust doesn’t supersede the community’s right to peace and quiet, at least not in any of the 50 states that have noise ordinances, nor in the millions of cities and counties that regulate exhaust noise. You don’t have to like it.

          The rules are the rules, and they make sense to me (and to a lot of other people). If you don’t like it, go live in a place without any noise ordinances or enforcement.

          • Poka
            Jul 7 2014

            Exactly, Jason!

          • Poka
            Jul 7 2014

            Exactly, Jason.

          • Jason 3.0
            Aug 5 2014

            @jason i hate it when someone is doing it at night. But hey. I have a flowmaster super 10 on my dodge and i let it rip When i take off (loudest muffler made by flowmaster) . To me though the loud raspy sound is not for attention when i drive its a sound i got so i can enjoy driving. If someone doesnt like it i say thats why i bought it and you didnt. But thank you for your opinion i will consider others when driving at night. I know i wouldnt want to have a loud crying child.

        • Ren
          Jul 7 2014


          I don’t see how loud exhaust is pleasurable to any, and loud enough actually can cause harm (Tinnitus anyone?)… What I do see is that people with super loud exhausts are hungry for attention, they are the same people that tend to rant “loudly” in public forums… That roaring exhaust is a big “look at me” to anyone within earshot.

          Your examples are false… A lawn you don’t like won’t disrupt your day to day business or wake you up when you are trying to work. A crying baby might be annoying sometimes, but most likely will not wake you up in the middle of the night (might possibly though if some inconsiderate lout wakes it up in the middle of the night coming home with his/her unreasonably loud car). Look at it this way: I assume that you work, and you need a decent night’s sleep before said work… So if you had an inconsiderate neighbor that liked to play his stereo really really loud right in the middle of when you sleep, you’d be totally cool with that, right? As you say, it’s your responsibility to do something about someone else’s noise bothering you… So are you going to now soundproof your bedroom to compensate for their being rude, or are you going to try to get them to turn it down?

          You’ve in so many words said that you should be able to do what you want, and to hell with everyone else as long as you get what you want. I’ve seen you say somewhere in the forum about being considerate, but that is in contradiction to EVERYTHING else you’ve said. If you are completely inconsiderate and self-centered, that’s fine… You have EVERY right to be that way, but at least own it… Just own up to the fact and move on.

          • Ren
            Jul 7 2014

            Correction: A lawn you don’t like won’t disrupt your day to day business or wake you up when you are trying to SLEEP FOR work.

    • katrina
      Nov 9 2012

      Maybe you should learn how to spell!!! After you pay your ticket!!!

      • Mar 12 2013

        I’m falling in love with you kat!

    • Shawn P
      Jul 9 2014

      Your a retard! Loud crappy exhausts should be illegal. I hear so many Crappy sounding pipes out there, but I guess these broke ass junkies have to boost on a budget… ” Get he saw Jim-Bob weez gunna be getting our jollies tonite” Loud pipes in my neighborhood and I will shoot you…

  5. Steven
    Jun 23 2012

    How inconsiderate for you guys to purposely make your cars as loud as possible.

    I hear these loud cars everyday and every night in my neighborhood.

    People have a tough time sleeping or staying asleep because of these cars.

    How would you like your sleep disturbed because of some loud car?

    • Jason
      Jun 24 2012

      Steven – I’m with you. I’m most definitely a vehicle performance enthusiast, but I don’t think the exhaust system should be so loud that it can wake someone up in the middle of the night. That’s inconsiderate, and it’s also unnecessary…time and again it’s been shown that mufflers can reduce engine noise without effecting power output. Straight pipes or overly loud exhaust systems are unnecessary and deserve to be ticketed.

  6. Roxanne
    Sep 18 2012

    My boyfriend just put in a straight pipe on his ”04 Mini Cooper and it is loud! He insists that it is so that the engine runs more efficiently and that the car has more horse power. Is that true? And any chance he can get fined? We are in Southern California.

    • Jason
      Sep 19 2012

      Roxanne – First of all, straight pipes aren’t a good way to boost performance. If your boyfriend installs a good quality performance muffler, he’ll get BETTER performance than a straight pipe, because mufflers provide a small amount of backpressure which help improve low-end torque and throttle response. You can read more about this here:

      Second, it’s only a matter of time until the straight pipes earn your boyfriend a ticket for violating noise ordinances. I don’t have to tell you that a) a lot of people in California resent loud exhausts and b) California needs revenue. I’d say that if one of your neighbors hasn’t called the police on him yet, it’s just a matter of time before they do.

      Good luck to you – sometimes men can be hard-headed about these things. Encourage your boyfriend to read the article above. Then encourage him to buy a muffler – chances are, a decent performance muffler (which costs $200 or less) will be less costly than the first vehicle noise violation ticket. 🙂

  7. kaykay
    Sep 20 2012

    hey guys i live in sydney australia i just fined exaughst bien aftermarket can they do that its not even that loud im trying to find a law that states that but im struggling can anyone help?

    • Jason
      Sep 20 2012

      kaykay – Sorry, on idea about Aussie exhaust system ordinances. I’ll put it on our list of article ideas.

  8. Ben
    Dec 4 2012

    Some of you are the biggest bawlers ever! The cars are loud deal with it! You shouldnt get fined for it, if you havent realized this some sports cars have a loud stock exhaust system!

  9. Michael
    Feb 18 2013

    I don’t agree with any of this. MUSCLE CARS are supposed to be LOUD! The only reason they don’t come loud “stock” is because of the strict laws. If there were no law on this matter, trust me… These cars would come stock loud as they should. The whole point of a “Muscle Car” for me is the Power and the Noise! Cops ruin a lot of things in life due to “other peoples problems.”

    That’s why classic muscle cars are bad ass because they have loud motors and lots of power. I think it’s bs that theres a law for noise disturbance. I could see if your purposely revving your engine at a stop light like a jack a**, then yea you deserve a ticket. If your just driving normal, it’s not our fault that we have to head home and it’s night and people are sleeping. We always have to suffer for others satisfaction, I’m sorry but in that way I don’t agree. It’s your life, it’s your car… live it how you want.

    Cops need to worry more about how to get to a murder scene on time or sooner and stoping theft, etc… Cars should be the very least they need to worry about. I HATE COPS. Enough said.

    • Jason
      Feb 18 2013

      I appreciate your perspective, but loud exhaust systems are just like smoking in restaurants or letting your dog poop in someone else’s lawn. It’s inconsiderate, and moderate regulations on noise don’t effect your vehicle’s performance at all.

      Besides, even if you’re right, you’re wrong. 🙂

      The vast majority of the public disagrees with you, which is why you’ll get a ticket. It’s just the way things are – nothing you can do about it, so time to accept it and move on…

      • Michael
        Feb 18 2013

        Well first off, smoking kills. Loud exhausts don’t. Second, yea I know there’s nothing you can do because the government is bs and we’re all they’re little pets. We lose more and more of our freedom everyday but isn’t that what America is “supposed” to stand for? Like I said, everyone cries and it becomes a law. I personally would put my car in neutral when pulling into my house at night or early morning.

        I know all about consideration and I’m the most considerate but with a muscle car, that’s my happiness. I have to alter my happiness for others…it’s usually old people who complain. This world is going to hell and CA is already there.

        • Jason
          Feb 19 2013

          Michael – As I answered elsewhere on this post, you might change your post when your 1 year old wakes up in the middle of the night and keeps you up for an hour because someone with a loud exhaust system drove by. It’s not just old people that complain – it’s people with kids, people who work the night shift, etc.

          Just get some exhaust cutouts – you can run on straight pipes at the track all day long, then cover them up when you drive home…or just buy an exhaust system that has a street-legal muffler. What’s the big deal man? We’re just talking about a little consideration…I don’t see how this is a “freedom” or “rights” issue.

          • isloud
            Jul 13 2013

            Raising an infant is difficult, but there are always going to be people and things that wake up your child. It’s just part of the experience, as annoying as it is. I personally find extremely slow and inconsiderate drivers the most annoying thing on the earth. As a Los Angeles native, I have to deal with an hour and a half commute to and from work each day just because of traffic. I have noticed that there is nothing impeding traffic, just pure stupidity.

            Many people like to put tons of space between themselves and the car in front of them. I understand this logic, we need time to react to changes in the pace of traffic. However, when you are traveling 20 MPH, there is really no need to have 4 car distances between you and the next car. You are going to get cut off by somebody. Heck, even leaving more than one car distance in heavy traffic will usually result in you getting cut off by another driver. I think you should be fined for leaving this much space, because you let all these annoying, lane changing spazzes get to work faster at the cost of my time. I’m driving behind you while you get cut off over and over and let everyone merge in front of you – this is making my commute longer. This makes me want to become one of those lane changing psychos that everyone hates on the freeway. But I don’t, I just sit there and deal with it because it’s just the way things go.

            Point of this giant rant… I have to deal with a$$clowns driving slow, letting tons of people cut in front of them, or driving way below the speed limit through a canyon and not pulling over to let people pass. These people can be as inconsiderate as they like and yet they are never pulled over for this nonsense. In the mean time, I’m pulled over because I am accelerating to pass a slow driver and my straight pipes sound too loud and grab a nearby cop’s attention. Even though that driver was swerving in his lane and randomly hitting his brake – probably drunk – I get the ticket for something that only “bothers” others. It isn’t dangerous and it sure as hell isn’t wasting anyone’s time. I think people just need to deal with it.

            If I put up with your crappy driving, you will put up with my obnoxiously loud exhaust. I drive responsibly and considerately. I am not the type that cuts lines, cuts people off, races, revs my engine, etc. It’s not fair to ask me to take away a simple joy that allows me to tolerate the dumb driving all around me when I’m forced to deal with the 95% of terrible drivers who never seem to be caught for anything other than speeding or expired registration.

        • Giselle
          Jun 13 2014

          Could you explain to me how the government is oppressing you? What freedoms are you deprived of?

      • Seth
        Jan 3 2014

        Jason I want to take my straight piped truck and do donuts in your front yard.

        • Jason
          Jan 7 2014

          Seth – I want you to do that too. I *hate* my yard (all that grass is thirsty) and I’d love nothing more than to bill you for damages, and then use the money to put in some rock.

          But in all seriousness, I’m sorry my opposition to overly-loud exhaust systems has caused so much angst for you. Perhaps when you’re older and a little wiser – and a parent of a little one who doesn’t sleep very well – you’ll change your tune.

    • Shawn P
      Jul 9 2014

      A cops job is to enforce laws. The police force doesnt make the laws, citizens and state people make all these stupid rules. When I was 20 years old I had gotten pulled over in Milwaukee, Wi in 2000. I was driving my 1999 Civic SI and it was all pimped out and slammed on some 18s, but anyway I had a 100% street-legal Greddy performance exhast system and well that landed me a trip to jail. My car was not 1/2 as loud as a Harley and I knew he was behind me so I was so soft on throttle. I also have gotten stereo tickets, window tint violations. Lifew is all about an image. Cops dont hassle bikers but just younger people. Im 34 years now and am sick of giving all my money away to punk police, so I leave my shit stock. Well not my paint-job, wheels, and suspension…

  10. Michael
    Feb 19 2013

    I don’t have kids personally but I guess I could see your point there. I think X-Pipes are horrible, they give too much of that backfire crackle noise. I just wanted an original 68 mustang sound, so it feels like your driving a classic. The H-Pipe does the trick for that. I’ll probably just get the Borla S-Type catback with O/R H-Pipe and that should be fine. Cali law is mainly about removing the cats. If muscle cars sounded like normal Toyota Camry’s, they not only would ruin their reputation but it would be pointless to buy one.

    • Jason
      Feb 20 2013

      Michael – I hear you – the ideal is a powerful sounding exhaust that meets the legal sound limit. Most cars with a muffler are OK – it’s the people running straight pipes that are the problem.

      • Ethan
        Aug 24 2013

        Your a new level of stupid Jason, every comment of yours i have read either states that there is no power gain from a straight pipe or about you whining about your kid, who cares about the kid getting woke up by something they will grow up to hear, and yes, straight pipes add power, my dakota dyno’d at 280 hp with the stock exhaust and when we put duel straight pipes it was at 285.

        • Jason
          Aug 25 2013

          Ethan – Thank you so much for your measured and insightful comment. I can’t tell you how much respect I have for what you think.

          • Shawn P
            Jul 9 2014

            Jason u sound like a dork, for real

          • Jason
            Jul 23 2014

            Shawn – That’s probably a fair assessment.

  11. Michael
    Feb 20 2013

    I completely understand. I don’t race or burnout, I just like a sleek car that sounds like a classic because I can’t afford to have one yet lol. I’m just gonna get the Borla S-Type catback exhaust. It’s perfect for what I’m looking for and legal.

  12. Poka
    Mar 29 2013

    It’s illegal. Period. If you want to promote loud pipes, then I suggest notifying your local politician/legislator and convince them of the wonderful perks of having a loud pipe. Me? I’d go after the inspection stations. Anyone caught with an illegal mod to their exhaust shouldn’t pass inspection. Anyone caught with an illegal mod after an inspection will be grounds for the business to get fined and/or lose their license. The driver will then be cited ONE time. Any subsequent infraction is grounds for impounding. If the car isn’t picked up after 30 days, then off to the wrecking pound it goes. You wanna race? Then race your arse down to the pound and claim your rice rocket.

    This is all a dream, of course….but dammit…it’s worth trying. I’m sick of the noise. Why should your “hobby” be imposed upon me? I like having a good time too but my “fun” doesn’t harm or create a disturbance for anyone. I’m working with state senators, county officials and the police department on this. I record the stupid activities with my camera and collect license plate numbers. I shoot my BB gun at anyone speeding down my block. Yup. Don’t like it, then don’t come down here. I’m upgrading my gun today. And a couple of boxes of nails. My block is the last place you wanna run your ricer. And I dare you to call the cops.

    If you wanna race, go to a track. It’s good enough for NASCAR, then it’s good enough for your two-bit rice rocket on steroids. Here’s a hint: real racers keep their cars protected–meaning they don’t use the same car to go to the supermarket or McDonald’s. A ricer shouldn’t be an everyday vehicle. If you’re serious about your “craft” then get serious about your equipment. And pipes shouldn’t be heard 100 yards away. Now, you’re acting like a jerk and disrupting everyone else just because mommy and daddy didn’t show you enough attention. So what? Now everyone else gotta suffer? GFOH!

    • Jason
      Apr 1 2013

      Poka – You had me until you started talking about shooting your BB gun at cars. Not only is that some chicken*hit passive-aggressive behavior, but it’s completely and totally wrong (and potentially dangerous too, as you never know exactly where those BBs will go).

      Here’s the deal. You’re right when you say that we all have a right to enjoy relative peace and quiet. You’re also right that real race cars don’t drive on city streets, and that this whole thing is often about getting attention (although not always – sometimes I think it’s just ignorance).

      The fact is, you strike me as a mature adult. You should be setting a good example for everyone. Set the BB gun down, relax, and educate. Fast cars don’t have to be loud…

    • Shawn P
      Jul 9 2014

      Wow another DORK! Sure what isyour address I know some big ass killas with collections of cars. What would you prefer to hear????? also what kinda guns do you want to hear ripping up your house????????????

  13. Michael
    Apr 1 2013

    Sorry but I disagree with both of you. As for BB Gun guy… Seek serious anger management man. As far as your “assumptions” that it’s for racing or “other people” to get attention, you couldn’t be more off.

    I don’t want a loud exhaust for attention, disturbance or speed. I like to coast “slow” and hear the car shift gears, I love the noise it makes and it sounds powerful, which is how a mustang should be.

    I’m considerate to others on everything in my life and do for others more than I do for myself. If my car is quiet, then it causes me to speed in order to hear it loud. If it’s loud, then I can go slow and enjoy it. I don’t need to be heard 100 yards away, I just want the naturally stock sounding rumble of a classic muscle car.

    I do the same with my bikes. I put loud exhaust, not only to hear it but to also let people to watch for me on their side. This has nothing to do with racing, just simply pleasure.

    • Jason
      Apr 1 2013

      Michael – I think the first step is to define loud. In my mind, that means above the legal limit…88-95db, depending on the city and state you live in (only some cities have much lower ordinances, and some have none at all).

      88db is a little quieter than a train whistle at 500′, and 95db is as loud as a jackhammer at 50′. If your vehicle can’t be heard more than 100 yards away, you’re not the guy we’re talking about. 🙂

      What’s more, I’m as big a fan of exhaust noise as the next guy. I just resent ear-splitting exhaust noise under the guise of “performance,” when the fact is that you can get great performance with a legally compliant system.

      In other words, I’d say we’re more on the same page than not.

      • Shawn P
        Jul 9 2014

        amen bother, i totally agree

    • Elliott
      May 30 2014

      “I’m considerate to others on everything in my life . . . ”

      Everything => else <= in life, you must mean, because disturbing others just because you happen to like loud noises is not considerate.

  14. RevMillertime
    Apr 22 2013

    Your “right” to have loud exhaust does not negate my right to not have to hear it in my own home.

    As for those who claim to have loud exhaust on a motorcycle to be noticed along side a vehicle… fyi, the noise comes out the rear of the bike, and can’t be heard until you are forward of most vehicle’s blind spot. I am a motorcyclist and also spend a lot of time driving a “cage”. I have yet to hear a bike with loud exhaust before I could see it.

    • Michael
      Apr 22 2013

      Although it comes out the back, I figured it was loud enough to hear in front as well. I had a shorty pipe on my exhaust, straight pipe. As far as exhaust for cars go… The 10 series flowmaster is loud enough for me. I just need that rumble otherwise I wouldn’t have a muscle car.

  15. Shawn
    May 15 2013

    Noise saves lives, if people don’t see you they can hear you coming

    • Shawn P
      Jul 9 2014

      Noise saves lives, Thats an UN-TRUE proven myth. People are idiots and thats how most accidents involving cars and motorcycles

  16. dane
    Aug 24 2013

    Many people are buying after market mufflers that are not illegal to buy, but illegal to install on a car that will cause a disturbance in the area and not allow other people to enjoy some quiet .

    Some motorcyclists simply take a re bar or some other steel rod and ram it in the muffler to knock out the baffles that are there to control the exhaust noise.

    Depending on the jurisdiction your living in these cretins usually get away with it and you would think they would at least take it easy when it’s late in the evening or early morning to minimize the racket they make but most don’t give a damn figuring they are speeding through the area and no one will catch them so more legislation will be needed to go after them and start banging them with large fines.

  17. Mary Marchesi
    Nov 8 2013

    Would like to know what is someone is to do when a neighbors exhaust fume are coming into your home?

    • Jason
      Nov 13 2013

      Close the window! LOL

      I would see if you can convince your neighbor to change the way they park. It’s not hard to back into a parking spot if it makes your neighbor’s life a little better. Good luck.

  18. Seth
    Jan 8 2014

    In all honesty I probably will always love cars and their sounds, and hope to have a son that will get into it too and I hope he shares my love for loud muscle cars and trucks.

  19. JACK
    Jan 16 2014

    JASON- I have a 2004 GMC Sierra, and i just took all my exhaust off. My exhaust is coming straight out of my Catalytic Converter. It is probably as loud as a nascar. I love it cause inn from the country in alabama. I also have a son, and my neighbor has a 68 Shelby Cobra and starts it at night. So stop your bitching and get over it!!!!

    • Jason
      Jan 16 2014

      I’m glad you’ve got a really loud exhaust system that makes you feel like a Nascar driver. I only hope your penchant for impersonating Dale Jr. doesn’t get you a ticket for violating public noise ordinance, LOL.

      But seriously, if you can’t see how an incredibly loud exhaust system could be detrimental to your neighbors, you’re not using your brain. Very loud noise is a form of pollution – no different than cigarette smoke or a very bad smell. If you lived next door to someone who was trying to raise hogs in their backyard, and the smell of hog manure knocked you over every time you went outside, don’t you think you’d complain?

      Or do you think you’d just say “it’s a free country man!” and smell hog shit all the time?

      THINK. It’s what your brain is for.

  20. JACK
    Jan 16 2014

    First, again cigarette smoke kills people! I’m in the USMC! 0621 field radio operator. So yes man “it’s a free country! I would like to thank everybody who has served in the military!! SIMPER FI!!!!! But anyways, its a noise and your going to complain over a little noise that last 10 seconds for a car or truck to pass by your house? There’s a lot of other things to complain about than that man. If people like their car to sound bad ass to them and a lot of people, than just deal with it!!

    • Ren
      Jun 7 2014

      This paragraph is just for Jack, the rest in general: I know it’s an old post but I just ran across this site… And for someone who’s bragging about being a Marine, I would think that you would spell “Semper Fi” properly…

      As to the other posts defending their “rights” to drive loud vehicles, maybe they have also forgotten back in driver’s ed or in the driver’s handbooks or wherever it is you learned the rules of the road, one of the first things taught is driving isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. You do have the RIGHT to travel or have freedom of movement, but if you have a driver’s license and plates on your car then you are partaking of the *privilege* to travel the roads that were built by the government, and privileges also come with rules and restrictions.

      Also, I’ve seen people talk about how considerate they are but in the same post also talk about how inconveniencing someone else is their problem, not yours. Doesn’t sound very considerate to me, it sounds like you are very self-centered and you are only worried about how you are being inconvenienced, and anyone you bother can just go to hell as far as you’re concerned. So if that’s how you feel, that *IS* your right, but don’t try to paint yourself as something you aren’t (a considerate person).

      Lastly, as to it’s just a momentary noise and people just shouldn’t whine about it, or it’s not a big deal, or you aren’t hurting anyone, etc… How about someone comes out and sets off some M80s or something under your bedroom window while you are trying to sleep for work (or any other noise that might wake you up without causing damage, either on or off your property)? They aren’t hurting anyone, right? It’s not a big deal, right? I’m thinking you might actually mind that, and if you let it bother you at all or think they shouldn’t do that because it’s bothering you, then you are also a hypocrite…

      • Jason
        Jun 10 2014

        Ren – Thanks for commenting. I think a lot of the people arguing for unrestricted exhaust sounds are still growing up. 🙂

  21. Caleb
    Feb 7 2014

    Louder exhaust systems belong on: Hotrods, drag racing cars, and Muscle cars. I have a neighbor that builds drag cars. I Love the sound. If you have a little sports car don’t make it have a rumble, it’s weird. My mom doesn’t mind it and I grew up it him building the cars next door.

    One thing people should keep in mind is that if you don’t want your neighbors to complain set a time with them of when your going to be reving you car if it is loud and then put it in writing have both of you sign with a witness and then deal with each other.

  22. Hunter
    Feb 12 2014

    In my opinion if I hear a loud truck I’m gonna stop what I’m doing and see what that awesome sound is coming out of.

  23. JACK
    Feb 16 2014

    Hunter same here. If I here a loud car or truck I’m going to stop and look up to see what it is. That doesn’t bother me at all. I still can’t get over the fact that this whole argument is over loud exhaust systems. To me it is stupid. For everybody that wants to complain let them. We are still going to do what we love to do and I don’t give a damn if you like it or not. I’m still going to have fun with my exhaust!!!

  24. Kristen
    Mar 9 2014

    I’m so happy I’m came by this website. I was searching for how loud your truck is allowed to be in the state of Texas… My wonderfully considerate neighbor,who lives across the street and a house over, starts his ridiculously loud engine every day, anywhere inbetween 4:30am-5:30am. The loudest part of his truck is when he starts it. Wakes me and my one year old up EVERY SINGLE TIME. He even does this on the weekends. The thing that makes me the most mad, is that he leaves his engine running anywhere from 15-45 minutes. One day it was for an entire HOUR! How this man afford the gas he burns off, I will never know. I don’t have to be up until nearly 8am on the weekdays and it is not fair that I have to woken up and kept awake while this jerk “warms his engine up”.

    To make matters worse, more than half of the time he will stop his engine and then start it right back up. Sometimes up to 3 times in a row. Today is a Sunday and he woke us up at 7am starting his engine, left it running for about 20 minutes but NEVER LEFT HIS DRIVEWAY!! I’m glad to know in not the only on suffering with this issue. And I’m horrified at all the inconsiderate people commenting. I would never want to disturb my neighbors in this way. Sleep is VERY important for everyone. It’s essential for a good life!!

    Btw, I am NOT old either! I’m only 25. And passing cars don’t even bother me. It’s the fact this jerks engine wakes us up from a dead sleep and then keeps us awake with restarting and leaving his engine running for a ridiculous amount of time. Also, we have “sound soothers” in all of our rooms. The ones that play ocean and rain sounds, to block out noise. We have those turned up to the maximum level and it still sounds as if this guys truck is right outside our windows. SO FRUSTRATING! My husband is going to speak to him tomorrow, if that doesn’t work we will get the police involved. Thanks for this post! Makes me feel better about us sharing our problems and concerns with this guy!

    • becky
      Apr 4 2014

      I feel your pain same situation here!!!!

  25. becky
    Apr 4 2014

    I have lived in my home for 21 years and have never had an issue with any neighbors, In dec 2013 a younger couple purchased the house next door. H e has a ford 150 super duty diesel which he has modified from factory parts, and modified the chip. Evey morning at 3;45 am he starts his diesel and let it high idle for about 30 minutes…his truck is 15 feet away from my bedroom, needles to say this has been a HUGE problem for my husband and I…our 8 month ln grandson lives with us as well and his room is right in front of ours, we can even put him to bed in his crib…we have attempted to approach these neighbor several time…and have no positive responses out them. I am at loss for what to do…and for those referring to people as whiners, put your self in another’s shoes for a fe minutes!!! I magine it is you or your children haveing you sleep cycle disrupted Night after Night!!!

    • JACK
      Apr 6 2014

      Whiners? Be in the marines and have a dI yell at you whenever he fells like you should wake up! Big deal if you want him to stop than do something about it than just “talk to him”. It’s a doggy dog world we live in. “Talk to him/her” one more time and if it continues than take the keys and hide them in hi stark or even put them in the bed of the truck. Do something like that. Best of luck to y’all and I mean that seriously!

  26. becky
    Apr 4 2014

    I should mention that my husband and I aren’t Old, were 46.

  27. Travis
    May 10 2014

    I recently was pulled over and ticketed because my car backfired coming down a big hill and I was using the clutch to keep the car from accelerating beyond the speed limit. It overloaded on fuel and backfired and he flipped his lights on immediately. After tailing me for 10 miles and going around another vehicle. A white suv was in front of me and went around the vehicle no turn signal either lane change and then sped up the hill out of sight. Hmmmmm steriotyping is absolute bs just because I drive a souped up car. He said fumes were coming out of my exhaust which is street legal. And ticketed me because I was disrespectful on calling him out for steriotyping.

  28. Chris
    May 11 2014

    Oh wa loud exhaust boohoo! Exhaust is part of performance. Cars/motorcycles are hobbies. Would you rather everyone who had a loud exhaust had other more destructive hobbies? As for the babies if the parents don’t like it the kids most likely won’t as a baby I loved riding in my dads 1970 chevelle straight piped headers 454 big block. As a matter of fact to get me to sleep he would have to take me for a drive. And Jason I’m not being a jerk but straight pipes do in fact help performance. Straight piping is the act of just running hollow exhaust piped from the manifold the the back of the car or to a turn down pipe. No cats (catalytic converters) no muffler no resonator it does increase horsepower! However you do lose low end torque do to the lack of back pressure so yes it is best to run high flow cats and a performance muffler topped with a true CAI (cold air intake) but if someone wants to run straight pipes don’t tell them it’s not adding power. As a performance enthusiast I would have expected you to know that. All the people complaining about the noise are probably the reason the government wanted to take away the smog exempt status on old muscle cars. Relax. This is America “land of the free”. If making my car fast and loud keeps me from getting in trouble from doing something else that may be fun so be it. There is a lot worse that could be going on.

    • Jason
      May 12 2014

      Chris – You’re incorrect to argue that straight pipes add power. They *can* add power, but only if the muffled exhaust is restrictive. With the right setup, you can have a relatively quiet vehicle that has absolutely no exhaust restriction.

  29. Chris
    May 12 2014

    I am not wrong. Ask any exhaust business. Ask any mechanic school. All stock exhaust is restrictive. Do you even know what a resonator does? Probably not so I will tell you. It restricts airflow in the exhaust causing it to quiet down. Same thing with a stock muffler. If you have ever cut one open they go straight through but the piping inside is filled with holes causing the hot gasses to be released into the actual muffler and not all of it escaping when it should. That is basically the definition of restriction. Like I said in the previous comment. Straight pipes ass high end horsepower because their is no restriction and what goes in must come out. However like I also listed above…with NO back pressure you do lose low end torque. Which means at freeway speeds you will notice power gains. Driving on the streets it’s not going to pick up as fast. Do you know why all of the exhaust systems that add the most power are always saying high flow and are louder then the competitors or even stock for that matter? Because it lets more of the exhaust gases through and they are less chambered meaning not as much restriction. And I can tell you I know for a fact that’s how it works. Stock exhaust my bhp was 330 and my lbft of torque was 375. Getting rid of the stock muffler and going with a two chamber flowmaster 40 series to a turndown pipe(removing the resonator) I have an an increase of 7 bhp and 10lbft or torque. And if I were to add headers along with high flow cats it would be even more so. And I know it’s those numbers. I have been dynoed and not only did I see improvements on my hemi but also with my supercharged six cylinder. Do you have any actual proof that straight piping does absolutely nothing then just make your car “loud”?

    • Jason
      May 12 2014

      Chris – Sorry, but you’re misinformed.

      First, understand that *most* stock exhaust systems are restrictive…but this is just because restrictions are cheap. No automaker is going to spend serious money designing a quiet yet high performance exhaust system for a mass-produced economy car.

      But a performance exhaust for a sports coupe? Different story. Corvettes, Nissan GT-Rs, M-series BMW and AMG M-B, any exotic…they all have high performance exhaust systems that both a) meet the 95db requirement and b) do not restrict performance.

      What’s more, if you replace a cheap factory muffler with a quality aftermarket unit, you can often get a boost in power similar to (or greater than) a straight pipe, and at a much lower sound level. Just as you said in your first comment, straight-pipe systems often reduce low-end torque. I can explain why if you like, but the short explanation is that exhaust gases cool as they flow thru the exhaust system. If they cool too quickly, they essentially “stop up” exhaust flow at low RPMs.

      As for why most after-market systems are loud, it’s because the people who buy them often equate noise and power. TRD and Borla produce quality high performance systems that are hard to hear at anything but WOT.

      Straight pipes are over-rated, and almost always unnecessary. Smart exhaust selection will eliminate restrictions AND muffle sound. If you don’t believe me, go look at the exhaust on a new Vette’. Or don’t. I don’t really care. 🙂

      • JACK
        May 13 2014

        Jason you are a dumbass. Just quite talking about load cars, if all you are going to do is complain about them

        • Jason
          May 14 2014

          Jack – Thanks for respecting an alternative opinion on the matter.

          Someday, when you grow up, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

  30. Billy
    May 19 2014

    I have a Camaro SS that I had a CAI, long tubes, cam swap, ported heads, factory performance exhaust and it now is really loud . Is that because of the long tube headers?

    • Jason
      May 21 2014

      Billy – Maybe. The muffler is really the main factor, and it sounds like you changed that…so it’s probably the muffler.

    • JACK
      May 21 2014

      Billy don’t listen to Jason. He doesn’t know what he is talking about, and he also doesn’t appreciate load muscle cars. I don’t know what year your camaro is, but that is my favorite muscle/modern car. I think it is way better than the mustang and the corvette. I do like the dodge challenger. Yes you are right about the long tube, because when you sit and idle your engine you can literally feel the rhythm or beat of the pistons firing—especially if you’re in a ride with a good-sized power plant. Step on the gas, and the rhythm gets faster. But we don’t expect you to spend all day in the driveway. So, when you’re done listening to your engine purr and finally hit the road, make sure it’s with the right headers for the job.
      For a variety of reasons that involve physics, it turns out that long tube headers do the best job building horsepower and torque from mid-to-high RPMs. These are great for high-revving machines and track terrors, but they do sacrifice some of the low-RPM power that most drivers depend on.
      On the other side of the coin, shorty headers deliver more power horsepower and torque from idle to the mid-RPM range. This makes shorty headers perfect for your daily commute or hauling your boat up a hill. Also note that sometimes short tubes can be easier to install.

      • Jason
        May 22 2014

        Tube header length can dramatically effect engine performance, as the length of the runner changes the scavenging effect. The exhaust pulses of the other cylinders in the bank will “pull” the current cylinder’s exhaust gases out, but only when the runners are tuned to the right length. Short runners have the greatest scavenging at low RPMs, long runners at high RPMs. This “physics” you speak of isn’t so complicated.

        But sound? That’s 95% muffler.

  31. Jake
    Jun 2 2014

    I have a 1967 mustang that in California is considered an “uncontrollable vehicle” which means I can do any after market modifications I please. so I rebuilt my car to be a street/strip car. This means i built it so it still has street manners but is able to race on the Drag strip and perform well. I rebuilt everything on the car from engine to transmission to rear end. After all that was done I installed a 2 1/2 in Pypes X-type exhaust which has mufflers. The car did become a bit louder as it has bigger tubes to travel through, but that is only increasing the airflow causing the performance to go up. Where I am going with on this is i took my car out for a Sunday night cruise to enjoy the night air and rumble of my engine as i only take it out maybe once a week. So when i took it out yesterday I noticed a cop tailing me for about 50 yards before he turn on his lights. Right when he pulled me over he obnoxiously asked if i knew why he pulled me over, which of course I didn’t because i was cruising under the speed limit by 5 mph. He replied “don’t lie to me you know why i pulled you over, it’s because your car is too loud. Which of course I found this absurd as have mufflers and my car is an “uncontrollable vehicle” so I began to argue with him because I truly believe i should have the right to occasionally take my mustang on the street instead of it being illegal because of my exhaust being too loud. what bugs me the most is the exhaust on it before my new one would still be considered too loud. Where I’m going with this is because of the noise laws put in place, I can’t enjoy taking the car I spent hours upon hours trying to make it as i imagined, to be told its too loud to be driven on the street. I understand how you don’t want those obnoxious neighbors who abuse the loud exhaust they have, but don’t punish the people who have the exhaust for performance and the true American muscle sound. Due to the publics bitching about loud exhausts, it is causing me not to enjoy my passion and what I love to do. How dare you guys take away something I love because of 10 seconds of someone driving by with a louder car/motorcycle than what you’re used to hearing.

    • Jason
      Jun 3 2014

      Jake – Why don’t you do what most drag car owners do and just mount some mufflers to some cutouts? You can just install or remove the cutout caps before you race or cruise. Problem solved.

      As for the bigger issue: If your obese, 60 year old neighbor decided to mow his lawn fully nude – and to do so at the exact same time that you’re having a BBQ with family and friends – would you call the cops? If so, how do you justify taking away his right to be naked (and hideous) just so you and your BBQ attendees can be more comfortable?

      Now replace “nude neighbor” with “loud exhaust system,” and replace “BBQ” with “good night’s sleep,” and I think you might have some more understanding. The law doesn’t exist to limit your rights, it exists to protect everyone else’s rights. It’s a compromise to be sure, but it’s one most people in society seem to agree upon.

      • Jake
        Jun 3 2014

        oh Jason i thought you would be smarter than that. The law clearly states “27150. (a) Every motor vehicle subject to registration shall at all times be equipped with an adequate muffler in constant operation and properly maintained to prevent any excessive or unusual noise, and NO MUFFLER OR EXHAUST SYSTEM SHALL BE EQUIPPED WITH A CUTOUT,BYPASS,OR SIMILAR DEVICE.”

        Now for your comparison that isn’t even close to relatively the same. Public Nudity is illegal because it is considered a sex offense to surrounding people, he can have the pleasure to mow his lawn naked in his back yard, but as soon as he is doing where he is publicly seen and children are around, he then becomes where he is breaking the law due to a SEXUAL offense. Now that naked guy mowing his lawn is implanted in those kids minds forever. My ten seconds of driving by with the RPMs not even above 1500 is NOT a life scarring event. Hey nice try though. I am not a nuisance to my neighbors as they all enjoy my car. The reason i got pulled over was because purely the cop; Not my neighbors complaining. Just because you have had some bad experiences with people with loud exhausts doesn’t mean we are all out to ruin you and your kids sleep.

        • Jason
          Jun 3 2014

          First, cut-outs are commonplace. There are lots of people breaking that law (which may or may not be relevant to your jurisdiction).

          Second, I pity you. The fact that a hypothetical 60 year old obese neighbor makes you think of sex is a bit sad to me. LOL.

          But seriously, laws against nudity are just one example. We have laws against noise, pollution (it’s illegal for a landowner to pollute on their own land, if you can believe it), yelling fire when there is no fire (despite the 1st amendment), etc. These are all rules that limit individual behavior…and in the case of nudity, a nudist would argue vociferously that mowing the lawn nude is their right as a human.

          But we can agree to disagree. I don’t really give a shit, to be honest, if you like the laws or not. I didn’t make them, and there’s very little chance of them changing. I do, however, understand them and think they make sense.

          Call me crazy, but I’m not really concerned about your rights to drive your drag car on city streets…especially when something simple like a cutout solves the problem quickly and cheaply.

          • Jake
            Jun 3 2014

            I am honestly having trouble comprehending how stupid you are coming off right now Jason. So you are saying I should break the law with a cut-out because it will be a fix to me breaking the law in the first place? you know how stupid that sounds?

            if your second is pitying me for thing of a nude man in public being a sexual offence to children when you are the one who came up with the scenario to begin with. When we look at the big picture you’re the one who thought it would be cool to talk about a naked, obese man mowing his lawn? wait, I get it you’re the naked obese 60 Y/O man. Awh I’m sorry you can’t scare little kids with your nasty naked body cause of the law.

            In all seriousness I am mad because I can’t have my car which HAS mufflers to be driven on the street. If you can find an exhaust that gets my car under 95 dB(a) and still gives me the numbers that the exhaust I have on it now, then I will be done here, but I know you can’t.

            You sound like a complete tool when you say you don’t give a shit about my rights. It is AMERICAN MUSCLE, a piece of history that everyone took pride in in the 60s. It is sad that over time, people have turned into guys like you where they can’t respect something that is a part of our history.

          • Jason
            Jun 3 2014

            Jake – This will be my last response.

            1. I don’t care if you think cutouts are stupid. I’m just telling you what a lot of people do. Maybe the most legal thing to do is to trailer your drag car – I know a few people who do that. Or move to Idaho maybe. As I understand it, noise regs aren’t enforced.

            2. I’m not 60 and not really into being nude, and I absolutely hate mowing the lawn. But you could call me obese and it might stick.

            3. Why do you assume that an exhaust will restrict your car’s performance? A brand new Corvette meets the the 95dB regulation, as does a 911 Turbo, Ferrari, etc., and the companies that sell after-market exhausts for these cars struggle to prove that they increase horsepower. Corsa doesn’t even publish a dyno on the kit they have for the 2014, and that should speak volumes (pardon the pun).

            If you think you need a loud exhaust to maximize power, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

            4. I’m sure I’d love your car if I saw it. I’m a fan of all automobiles. I’m pretty sure I’d appreciate your car more than 99% of the people you ever meet. However, as important as your problem is (sarcasm), we’ve got war veterans missing limbs, homeless kids, and about a million other things that I care about. a heck of a lot more than “Jake’s ability to drive his loud car without getting a ticket.”

            No offense, but I just don’t care about your “right” to drive a car with a loud exhaust. 95db is the law.

            My advice? Get over it. Or run for governor and change the law. Or strip naked and mow your lawn…whatever you want to do really. Like I said, I don’t care.

  32. Jake
    Jun 3 2014

    I love how you say this is your last response because you know my arguments are valid.

    1) I never said cut-outs are stupid, what I did say is that they are just as illegal as the exhaust I have so it really isn’t a solution. plus if i put a cut out on the stock exhaust I had, the 1 1/4 in pipes would still be past the 95 dB(a) limit. The reason it is loud is because of the cam, not the exhaust.

    2) I don’t really care about.

    3) I guarantee I know more about 1967 mustangs and what is better for the performance than you do. and the stock exhaust that was made in 1967 wasn’t made with the technology that is made with the corvettes of this year. The 1 1/4in. pipes it came with proved to restrict airflow that reduced the power numbers compared to the 2 1/2 pipes. IT IS NOT A LOUD EXHAUST THAT INCREASES PERFORMANCE, BUT THE AIRFLOW THAT INCREASES THE PERFORMANCE. the loudness is just a side effect of the performance exhausts.

    4) you know how I know you care about my exhaust? Because of how you are sitting here and taking the time to reply to everyone’s comment. if you were so for helping disabled veterans or homeless kids, wouldn’t you be out doing something to help them instead of replying to my posts? I obviously care about my right and that is why I am replying. Don’t get me wrong, my grandpa is a disabled veteran from Vietnam, so I have a soft heart for veterans, but he also loved cars and sure as hell loved the sound of my car.

    my advise? stop arguing with everyone on here and actually go help the veterans you say you so care about.

  33. Austin
    Jul 22 2014

    Get over the loudness really. It’s like what, 10 seconds as the guy/girl drives by? Oooooh no im so mad because he ruined 10 seconds of my life. You’re wasting more time complaining about it than it actually did to you. Stop being little babies about peoples loudness of cars.

  34. jared
    Jul 24 2014

    I run straights on my diesel I’m respectful in town but you better believe i let her go on the highway

  35. Jeffrey
    Jul 31 2014

    A loud car let’s people know you’re coming!
    I enjoy the sound too!

  36. Nathan Daniels
    Aug 27 2014

    I have a Bronco and the exhaust goes about half way (to the middle of the truck) does it have to be past the rear axle? It has flowmasters on it but I not sure if it has a Cadillac converter would this still past inspection in Missouri?

    • Jason
      Aug 27 2014

      Nathan – One of the key roles of an exhaust system is getting the fumes away from the passenger compartment. This ensures that you and your passengers can’t be poisoned by exhaust gases, which contain carbon monoxide and can be deadly.

      The carbon monoxide from a vehicle’s exhaust system kills people all the time – there’s a recent example that involved a TV personality you might have heard about:

      Everyone’s exhaust system should extend beyond the rear wheels, either out the side or out the back. That’s the safest way to go.

  37. alex
    Aug 27 2014

    I live in California , had my truck straight piped. Never got a ticket, I drive by cops all the time even on the freeway and nothing. I really don’t care if some people don’t like the sound because I do notice people when I pass by don’t, but why should I care? It’s my car , why should I accommodate my car to what people like?
    I mean really if the people don’t like the loud exhaust why not roll up your windows? You complain about the revs or the car passing by. People live by airports and trains stations or railways they don’t complain , most are used to it.

    • Adam
      Sep 19 2014

      I stand by Alex’s words here. If you don’t like something don’t hive it the attention. You will be happier and off on your own and the driver of the car or truck will be safe and left to him or her own life aswell.

  38. EnCen
    Sep 9 2014

    Since the word “rights” got tossed around, a little f.y.i. is in order: driving a car is NOT a right. Applying for a driver’s license is a right, taking the written and practice tests is a right, but passing those tests and earning a license is NOT a right. Owning a driver’s license, hence being able to legally drive any motor vehicle is a privilege, earned and kept (you take the written test to renew your license don’t you?) This is universal jurisprudence. A driver might not care for universal jurisprudence but still obligated to “know and obey” the law. Neglect of a police officer by ignoring an offense does not justify that act.

    In addition, exposure to loud noise is proven to cause harm: temporary and permanent hearing loss, tinnitus are some examples. Neither US not universal jurisprudence would justify an individual’s “personal choices” or “enjoyment” which causes harm to another. Any persons who document such harm would have the right to file an official complaint and demand restitution for damage caused.

    • Jason
      Sep 10 2014

      EnCen – Well said. Driving isn’t a right, and driving a loud vehicle absolutely isn’t a right, as most states and municipalities have laws against said behavior.

  39. Stamas
    Sep 10 2014

    I found this site will looking to find out what regs govern load exhausts. I once asked the local police chief in a public forum if I could straight pipe or otherwise make my new trucks exhuast as loud as possible. I was told at best I be ticketed and chance having my truck impounded.
    I asked why the Harleys get a free pass.
    We are once again have thousands of bikers come to town and the noise gets unbelievably loud for a week, starting at 6AM and lasting till 2AM. I’ve been here most of my life as well as others. The bike event has been here for 10 years. Every year it gets worse. The hospitality biz loves it but for the rest it becomes a major intrusion on our lives. Some have quiet exhausts, but most have very loud exhausts and that isn’t enough they take every chance they have to show how loud they are. I’ve heard the safety arguments too and have seen motorcycles in driveways, parking lots and stopped for traffic rev’ing to be sure everyone takes notice.
    To the loud bikes, We are your neighbors and we resent you for the noise it. We just have more manners than trash you for the obvious screams for your Attention Deficit Disorder.

    • Adam
      Sep 19 2014

      In the world’s of my father: if you don’t like something leave it alone. If it annoys you walk away. If it Is something manner people practice or are involved it it’s freedom. We live in a for the most part free country and people do as they please. If a bike is loud it’s because the owner was free to do so and have it that way. Same with if it’s quiet. I come from a family of motorcycle enthusiast s so I find bikes to be very interesting. I have one of my own, however it’s not that loud. I have a straight piped truck that’s not that loud and it’s a V8. I live on a street with mainly elderly persons. Not once have I received a complaint. They don’t mind it and I appreciate that of them. And I find the ADD comment to be a little offensive since I have a few cousins and others that have it, but its the words chosen, they have already been said. There Is no worth in arguing it. But eitherway, motorcyclists aren’t pleading for attention. They are doing what they like to do, how they like to do it. Thank you.

  40. Tyler
    Sep 11 2014

    My 95 240sx looks like a skyline with a 2jz in it. I tried to keep the exhaust only “mild” as in, it won’t wake up anyone’s annoying ass baby but I still get pulled over with that excuse every other day. I think they’re just sore cuz my car could beat them anywhere on a straight or on s-curves. Btw the twin turbos do wonders, my car isn’t a ricer honda boys are ricers.

  41. Adam
    Sep 19 2014

    I feel like I’m about to get chewed up on here, but I personally love the sound of a loud exhaust. Yes I understand at night or in public places it can be a pain. But I don’t see the harm in just noise. My truck currently has no muffler on it and neither did my old truck. They, to me, just sound(ed) so much better and stronger than a typical V8 truck. This simple change in exhaust doesn’t do anything to harm people. Now if you put your head or ear right next to the remaining exhaust pipe, then ya, you will probably get a blown eyedrum, but not from a distants. It also posses no threat to the environment or Ozone or wildlife. Its simply the natural sound that comes out of an engine instead of the fake whispering noise a muffler causes. Well I suppose that sums up all I can think of the say at this moment. Thank you.

    • Jason
      Sep 19 2014

      Adam – Chewed? No. I completely understand how you feel (I’m a fan of all things automotive – I get it). Just consider that noise is a form of pollution. Jets flying overhead all day long is considered noise pollution, for example, which is why a lot of people that live near airports manage to get flight paths changed. Most cities have rules against people using chainsaws before 7 or 8am, because no one wants to be woken up by a chainsaw. etc. etc.

      If noise is a type of pollution, than the reason for limiting it should be simple enough. Just because you don’t mind this particular form of pollution (much like smokers don’t mind cigarette smoke), doesn’t mean we all have to like it. 🙂

  42. Thomas
    Sep 23 2014

    I hope all of you that are against loud exhaust get hit by a Prius because you didn’t hear the Prius coming.

  43. Nick
    Sep 30 2014

    2 and a half years later and y’all are still arguing about exhausts lol. If you dont like it then you could always move. There are houses for sale all over.

    • Ren
      Sep 30 2014


      I’ve seen the posts notifications rolling through but didn’t bother to respond because people that have their minds set aren’t going to change them… And normally I wouldn’t want to demean someone on the forums… But that is quite possibly one of the most idiotic comments I’ve read here. You think that being an inconsiderate neighbor is ok… And then to top it off you believe the solution to that inconsiderate behavior is for the people being bothered is for them to be forced out and move because someone (such as you, apparently) is SO self-centered and entitled that you believe you can or should be able to do whatever you want regardless of the cost to others.

      Perhaps YOU, sir, should move somewhere where you can’t bother others? You want to be loud and obnoxious? That’s cool, go for it. But taking the stance that people should vacate because of your need for attention is pretty backwards. There are plenty of isolated spots you can take your noise to, right?

  44. Jason
    Sep 30 2014

    Unfortunately, for every intelligent/thoughtful comment about this issue, there’s an expletive-filled juvenille rant.

    So…I’m closing comments. Suffice to say, passions run high on the laws against loud exhausts. If you’re angry about the laws (or lack of enforcement), my advice is to speak to your local city council member and/or state legislator. They can document your concerns and – if you’re persistent – they might even help you get the laws changed.

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