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Bassani Exhaust Systems

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About Bassani Exhaust Systems

Bassani has a long and distinguished history in the performance exhaust world, having first cut its teeth on motorcycle exhaust systems all the way back in 1969. Since then the brand has expanded its operations to encompass almost every conceivable exhaust application, including racing, two-stoke and production car and truck designs.

Bassani Exhaust Lineup

It would be difficult to fully encapsulate the exhaust products offered by Bassani, as it caters to a startlingly large number of vehicle brands. It is possible, however, to take a broader look at what Bassani has to offer the aftermarket:

  • Headers – Bassani headers are available in stainless steel, coated and chrome finishes, for V8 applications only.
  • X and Y Crossover Pipes – These pipes are designed to connect Bassani headers with the rest of the exhaust system, and offer less restriction compared to stock units.
  • Aft-Cat – Aft-Cat is the term the Bassani uses to refer to its cat-back exhaust systems. Bassani also offers budget-oriented systems under the BX Performance name.
  • Mufflers – A range of universal mufflers for both street and track use.

Bassani Exhaust Warranty

Bassani offers a limited lifetime warranty on its stainless steel exhaust systems for as long as the system remains on the vehicle it was originally installed on, and is owned by the original purchaser. The warranty excludes track-only vehicles. BX Performance components come with an 18 month warranty.

Find a Bassani Exhaust System For Your Vehicle

Bassani Exhaust System Videos

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  1. Al Oliva
    Dec 12 2016

    I have a 2005 C6 corvette w/cam &Headers.
    looking for back exhaust .
    can you please call me


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