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Five Excellent Fox Body Mustang Restoration Resources

In 1979, Ford Motor Company introduced a new version of the Mustang. The new “Fox body” Mustang was smaller, and introduced entirely new styling with a lean, angular look. The new styling and numerous performance options created an instant hit for Ford, and by the time the Fox body was retired at the end of the 1993 model year, this was the longest-running Mustang generation ever produced.

Fox Body Mustang Convertible

Produced between 1979 and 1993, the Fox Body Mustang is a popular platform for performance and restoration. Photo Credit: aresauburn™

Nowadays, these cars are plentiful, inexpensive and have a highly developed aftermarket parts selection, which means that one of these little fireballs can make a great choice for a car project. Whether you are looking for a sport coupe for some autocross fun or want to create a drag strip terror, you can’t go wrong with a Fox body Mustang.

It’s been 20 years since these cars were in production so many enthusiasts are now starting to pay attention to collector values also. Whatever reason you have for beginning a project with a Fox body, the internet can serve as a great resource for finding information, advice and fellow enthusiasts to help you down the road to Fox body paradise. Here are some places to keep in mind as you plan for your project. Read moreRead more


Hot Pipes and Pin Stripes

I purchased my first car at the age of 16 on a cold day in January. She was a 1969 Ford Mustang Coupe, which I managed to pick up in an estate auction for just under $2,000, and she is still my daily driver to this very day. Before the purchase, the process of searching for this my first car lasted nearly a year, during which time my father taught me the ins and outs of shopping used.

Classic Mustang exhaust system

Exhaust makes all the difference – A fast-sounding and great-looking Mustang with an original straight six.

I checked out many makes and models of cars, test-driving each to get a feel, and it was not long before I realized the car would have to be a classic or nothing. Though I was not sure at the time what I would end up with, there was one requirement that I had to adhere to by order of my parents: no V8s. Insurance costs, safety, and the fact that my parents actually knew what I was capable of were all reasons for this decision on their end. Read moreRead more