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About is a website dedicated to helping car, truck, and SUV owners find the right after-market exhaust system. We have three main goals:

1. Find and collect the best quality exhaust system videos online and sort them by year, make, and model.

2. Offer impartial explanations, tips, and advice about after-market exhaust systems.

3. Help you find the best places online and offline to buy your next exhaust system.

Our Commitments To Our Visitors

We will provide you with accurate, expert information about exhaust systems and vehicle performance in general.

We will find and organize the best quality exhaust system videos online.

We will respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy).

Who is Behind has been created by Jason Lancaster, the founder of, a popular Toyota Tundra website for Tundra owners. Jason, a life-long automotive enthusiast, saw a need for a website that would help people find the best exhaust system for their vehicle.

Jason is not an employee of any after-market exhaust company.

Benjamin Hunting

Benjamin Hunting is a freelance automotive writer who has been involved in racing,
restoring and writing about cars and trucks for more than a decade. In his spare time he
enjoys keeping the shiny side up on track days. You can find out more about Benjamin’s
writing at his website,

How We Make Money

Obviously, it takes time and money to create a website, and we’re not working for free. Here’s how we pay the bills:

  • Principally, our income is derived from Google AdSense, a very popular advertising system for website publishers. We have no control over which ads are served by AdSense, but Google usually does a very good job of making sure their advertisers are of high quality.
  • Additionally, we have affiliate relationships with a variety of eCommerce websites. If someone makes a purchase at one of the eCommerce sites that we have an affiliate relationship with, we will earn a small sales commission.
  • Finally, from time to time we may sell advertising placements directly to specific companies.

We do not accept payment in exchange for good reviews, and we do not promote any product or service unless it is something we believe in. If you have any questions about our website, or if you would like to purchase advertising, please contact us.

Note: If you are concerned about Google advertising and privacy, you can learn more here.

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1. High quality
2. Related to vehicle exhaust systems, vehicle performance accessories, or general automotive performance info
3. Doesn't duplicate info we've already got on the site
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Please review the criteria above carefully - it will save all of us some valuable time.
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