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Australia’s Fastest Production Cars That Won’t Break The Bank

There are several fast and sporty production vehicles available to Australians for under $40,000. Many feature powerful turbo engines and great standard features for their class. There are offerings from Germany, France and Italy in the lineup. You won’t confuse any of the cars on this list with a Toyota Corolla!

The Peugeot 308 Allure

Peugeot 308 Allure

Peugeot 308 Allure

French carmaker Peugeot offers the feisty 2012 308 Allure with its 2.0 liter six speed turbo-diesel engine and 120kW (161hp)and 340Nm (250 lb-ft) torque. Standard features include items that are included on prestige cars like Read moreRead more


Oil Cooler and Thermostatic Sandwich Plate 101 – What and Why

Heat is an engine killer. While most drivers will never experience excessively high oil temperatures, those who race or tow heavy loads can experience over-heated oil. Over-heated oil is bad for three reasons:

  1. As oil is heated above 200 degrees Fahrenheit (and stays at these sustained temps) breakdown of that oil is accelerated.
  2. As oil is heated above 200, it’s a less effective engine lubricant.
  3. In addition to lubricating the engine, oil also helps to cool your motor. If the oil is too hot, it’s less effective at cooling the engine because it can’t absorb as much heat.

Enter the oil cooler, which keeps engine oil at an acceptable temperature, helps cool the engine, extends oil life, and reduces engine wear.

Mishimoto 10 Row Oil Cooler: ideal for racing and towing

Images courtesy of Mishimoto

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Three Great Reasons To Upgrade Your Vehicle Exhaust System

If you’ve ever wondered why someone would remove a perfectly good factory-spec exhaust system and replace it with a loud after-market exhaust system, I’ve got three great reasons for you: Read moreRead more


Ask ExhaustVideos – Diesel Exhaust System Performance Questions

Erik asked us a lot of great questions on one of the FAQ pages, and I moved his question (and my response) over to the blog because there are a lot of people wondering about these same questions.

Here’s what Erik is wondering about: Read moreRead more


A Near Death Experience: 360 Rollover

Before the car accident that almost killed me, I used to love taking long distance road trips across the country. I still enjoy traveling, but I will never again be able to drive down the highway without remembering how I almost died in a vehicle rollover accident.

Rollover accident

A rollover that changed one person’s life – read the story below.

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SEMA Mustang Build Amplifies Women’s Role in Custom Car Design

Mustang Build Powered by Women

SEMA women only Mustang build.

SEMA’s Women-only Mustang build project resulted in an awesome car that will hopefully inspire a young generation of women to enter the auto industry.

This year’s SEMA show will include the unveiling of a custom 2013 Mustang GT designed and built entirely by women members of SEMA member organizations. The SEMA Businesswomen’s Network solicited applications from interested parties who had the skills to help carry the collaborative project from design to completion. Read moreRead more


Hot Pipes and Pin Stripes

I purchased my first car at the age of 16 on a cold day in January. She was a 1969 Ford Mustang Coupe, which I managed to pick up in an estate auction for just under $2,000, and she is still my daily driver to this very day. Before the purchase, the process of searching for this my first car lasted nearly a year, during which time my father taught me the ins and outs of shopping used.

Classic Mustang exhaust system

Exhaust makes all the difference – A fast-sounding and great-looking Mustang with an original straight six.

I checked out many makes and models of cars, test-driving each to get a feel, and it was not long before I realized the car would have to be a classic or nothing. Though I was not sure at the time what I would end up with, there was one requirement that I had to adhere to by order of my parents: no V8s. Insurance costs, safety, and the fact that my parents actually knew what I was capable of were all reasons for this decision on their end. Read moreRead more


Ferrari Leaves Its Mark on a Chinese Wall – Literally

Ferrari is currently doing damage control after a PR stunt brought about a ton of bad publicity. The stunt included a driver doing dontus on top of an ancient wall in the Chinese City of Nanjing to celebrate 20 years of Ferrari in Japan. The problem? The tire marks it left.

Ferrari Leaves Its Mark on a Wall - Literally

Bad news for Ferrari in China. This little stunt damaged a historical site and their reputation in one of the world's largest markets.

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Do You Need a Supercharger or a Turbocharger?

A supercharger or a turbocharger will increase your engine’s overall power between 20 and 40%. However, choosing between the two isn’t always easy. Installation complexity, efficiency for your type of driving, and price all play a factor. To best be able to choose between the two, we need to start with some supercharging and turbocharging basics.

Turbocharger vs Supercharger

Turbocharger vs Supercharger - Which one is best?

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How To Make Your Car Handle Like A Racecar

Following up on last week’s guest post about the Evolution of Suspension Systems, here’s how you can go about turning a regular old car suspension system into a racing type setup:

How to make your car handle better

How to make your car handle better - buy a set of good tires

1. Get new tires. First and foremost, you need a set of low-profile tires. Low-pro tires are the best suspension enhancement you can make, so if you have limited funds this is the best place to start. Low-pro tires are better because: Read moreRead more