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Has the Modern Car Lost Its Voice? The Rise of Fake Engine Noise

There is something undeniably powerful in the deep, throaty purr of a Chevelle SS motor. It’s like music to a classic car lover’s ears, and that song has become the trademark for a variety of makes and models over the years.

Black Chevelle SS

One mean looking Chevelle SS. Image courtesy

At one time, the distinctive growl of a finely-tuned motor was reserved for high profile and higher income consumers who were able to most comfortably afford the cost and maintenance of such a vehicle. But times have changed. Advances in supercharger and turbocharger technologies, improvements in the design of mufflers, and the advent of the electric hybrid have contributed, in part, to quieting the roadways. Superior insulation in car cabins with dynamic acoustics has also contributed to eliminating undesirable motor noise. Government noise standard regulations and an increasing interest in reducing carbon footprints and dependency on fossil fuels has helped to push forward the initiatives of green powered cars.

In some circles, these developments have led the whisper-quiet engine to become far more desirable, being viewed as a sign of progress and quality. But not everyone has been pleased with the change. Read moreRead more