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Driving Basics for Wannabe Rally Racers

Amateur rally racing is an increasingly affordable sport to try out and test your driving skills “to the max” without resorting to pulling donuts in the local K-Mart parking lot. Rally driving experience days are popular events for people of all ages and ability levels. From ambitious young drivers dreaming of motor racing stardom, to those looking for 60th birthday ideas for the gear-head in their life, investing in a genuine one-day rally racing class is good fun.

Basic rally racing driving techniques

To help you make the most of your day on the rally racing course, here’s a little bit of advanced knowledge to help you get comfortable, not to mention that you can show off to your friends by sounding like you know what you’re talking about.

NOTE: Needless to say, don’t try these techniques on the open road and listen to the advice of your instructors on the day of your rally driving experience.

Handbrake Turns

Handbrake turns are a crucial skill for quickly negotiating those hairpin bends, kicking the car around the tight corners. They also look pretty cool as well.

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You will be advised which corners are appropriate for this on the day, but Read moreRead more