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The Evolution of Suspension Systems

Racing suspension system vs sports car suspensions

There are a lot of differences between race cars and consumer sports cars, and the suspension system is probably the biggest.

Many parts elevate a racing car above a consumer sports car, but not all of those parts reside in the engine compartment.As a matter of fact, the biggest differences between your run-of-the-mill race car and your run-of-the-mill consumer sports car are:

  1. Race cars don’t have sound deadening materials anywhere, so they’re loud as hell
  2. Race cars don’t have any creature comforts like leather upholstered seats, air conditioning, 8 speaker surround-sound s tereos, etc. Just a hard, uncomfortable seat, a steering wheel, a racing harness, and a couple of pedals. The fire extinguisher is the only “extra.”
  3. Race cars have aggressive, tight suspension systems that ride rougher than a milk wagon. Of course, they also allow for unparalleled handling

What follows is a quick little primer on suspension systems – great background info for any auto enthusiast. Read moreRead more