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Top 10 Exhaust Videos of May 2010

Top 10 Exhaust Videos of May, 2010

The most popular exhaust videos of May, 2010.

At the beginning of every month, I’m going to find and post the most popular exhaust videos of the previous month along with some commentary. For future reference, I’m not going to ignore videos of supercars and/or random Euro vehicles that aren’t available in North America. I want this to be a collection that most people can relate to – let me know if you disagree below.

On to the list.

#1 – 2011 Mustang GT with Custom Exhaust – Possibly a Magnaflow Cat-Back

Title: First 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L 4V To Run 11's!

It’s hard to tell with this thing, but it seems like they’re using a Magnaflow cat-back with some custom high-flow catalytics. I say this because I looked at what they’re selling on their website – if you have more info, feel free to share in the comments.

#2 – Ridiculous Mazda Protege custom exhaust – brand X

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What do you do when you own a farm and have WAAAAAY too much time on your hands? Why, abuse an old Mazda Protege of course! This video and the one below it are funny for a lot of different reasons…I’m laughing at them as much as I’m laughing with them.

#3 – Mazda Protege without a manifold

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Would it kill that guy to put on a shirt? He looks like Canada’s version of TV’s Boomhauer (spelling?).

#4 – Supposedly, this is a Russian M5. Whatever it really is, it’s shooting flames

Title: Gold BMW M5 Exhaust Flame

Does that sound like a M5 to anyone? Maybe what they’re saying in the intro is “Is not really M5, but says so on trunk.”

#5 – 350Z with a Greddy exhaust kit being driven very, very irresponsibly

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I’m getting old, because all I see in this video is a kid making a really dumb choice. I’m all for driving balls-out fast, but don’t do it on public roads where you can hurt some innocent bystander. Still, that ride sounds sick…

#6 – Great sounding M5 V10 – it sounds fan-tastic.

Title: BMW M5 V10 Eisenmann Exhaust Sound!! - 1080p HD

Ahhh…that’s what an M5 should sound like.

#7 – Borla ATAK exhaust on a 2011 305hp V6 Mustang

Title: BORLA Testing ATAK Exhaust on 2011 V6 Mustang

Borla did a great job of making this V6 sound like a meatier V8. P.S. How can this 300hp car only be $23k brand new?

#8 – Flowmaster American Thunder mufflers on a classic Chevelle

Title: 1968-72 General Motors A-Body Chevelle Stainless Exhaust System 817409

Got to love the classics. Not too shabby for a 40 year old muscle car…

#9 – MRT Axle-back 2011 Mustang V6 Exhaust system

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I like this one quite a bit, but it sounds sort of like a sport-compact, no? If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear a souped-up 4 cylinder just went by…not what I envision when I think “Ford Mustang,” but times are changing. Turbos are the wave of the future.

#10 – S2000 with custom sport-bike mufflers

Title: Vehicular S2000 Sportbike Exhaust Sound Clip

Very interesting. It seems like it might be a good way to save some cash, but I’m confused by the description in the video. Magnaflow and sport bike mufflers? Why?

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