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What Smaller Engines Mean For Exhaust Systems – Clio 200 with Milltek Sport Exhaust

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There’s no denying that engine displacements are getting smaller. Ford’s new V6 EcoBoost F150 is proof-positive that automakers are going to focus on getting the same amounts of power they’ve always gotten out of smaller and smaller engines.

Depending on your viewpoint, that can be a good thing.

Regardless, smaller engines and more fuel efficient cars are the future. When it comes to exhaust systems, this means there will be a few changes:

  1. To keep weight down, vehicles are going to have less sound-deadening material…which means factory mufflers may get even more restrictive than they already are to minimize engine noise.
  2. We can expect more turbo-charged engines, which means after market downpipes are going to be a great place to add some power.
  3. Small displacement engines tend to benefit more from free-flowing exhaust systems than large displacement engines, so more consumers will benefit from investing in new mufflers and/or exhaust systems.

Of course, smaller engines also mean less throaty exhaust notes. Brash, high-pitch exhaust is going to be the new standard. Hopefully, they’ll sound more baritone like this:

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and less raspy like this:

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Fingers crossed.

From MilltekSport Blog

This Renault Clio RS200 has been fitted with a Milltek Sport performance exhaust system which uses the Original tailpipe trims to give it a very stealthy appearance but the sound enhancement and performance gains are anything but subtle…Read the full article…

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