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New 2011 Mustang GT Headers From Bassani

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Headers are one of the most important components in your exhaust system. If you have a boring, run-of-the-mill set of exhaust manifolds on your car, going with a set of after-market headers can boost power. This is because:

  1. Headers are designed to increase cylinder “scavenging,” boosting combustion efficiency and therefore power.
  2. Headers are often less restrictive than stock exhaust manifolds.
  3. Headers eliminate or reduce the possibility of exhaust gases from one cylinder polluting another

HOWEVER, after-market headers can also impact your torque curve. In an interview of Jamie Joyce, manager of R&D at Doug Thorley Headers, Joyce mentions that short-tube headers can reduce low-end torque (depending on design). If a header design isn’t tested carefully it can change your ride’s performance range.

Bassani tests 2011 Mustang GT Headers

Testing a new header design is critical to coming up with a product that doesn't hurt your vehicle's full range of performance.

Therefore, it’s smart to go with a header manufacturer that does a lot of testing…which brings us to Bassani. They’re testing a new header design on a 2011 Mustang GT. Hopefully, this testing includes some heavy dyno work to make sure the torque curve’s shape stays the same.

From The Bassani Blog:

We got in a 2011 Mustang GT for prototyping long tube headers for to go with our 3″ Full Aft-Cat system. After R&D completed these headers we were able to take the car with system for a test drive to see what it heard and performed like. Right away we noticed the significant increase in torque and power. It sounded amazing also to say the least.Read the full article…

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