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Guest Post: Five Reason To Buy A Car Cover

There are several benefits to buying a car cover, the most obvious of which is protection and preservation of your car’s appearance. Car covers protect your ride from dirt and debris, sun, rain, ice, and other natural hazards, which means that a good car cover can pay for itself many times over by helping to preserve the appearance and condition of your vehicle.

Here are five reasons to buy a car cover for your ride:

1. Protection From Dirt And Debris

Whether parked outside or inside, dirt and debris can fall from the air and land on your car. ┬áLeaves, for example, can fall on your car, start to decompose, collect water, and cause spots to form on your paint (not to mention create a gooey mess). Also, bird poop qualifies as “debris.”

2. Protection From Scratches

If your car is parked outside, anything can happen to it. If it’s parked along the street, pebbles and various debris can be kicked up from the road by passing cars and scratch your vehicle. Additionally people passing by or unattended pets can interact with your car which may cause scratches. If your car is parked in a garage, especially if left stagnant for an extended period of time, you or a family member may scratch it when passing by caring groceries, tools or other items.

3. Protection From Sun Damage

The sun can damage your car’s exterior by causing paint to fade and colors to lighten. Covering your car when parked outside can protect it from the damage sun can cause to the exterior, not to mention that UV rays can crack dashes, seats, steering wheels, etc., especially on older cars that don’t have UV blocking glass.

4. Reduce Frequency Of Washing

A good car cover can reduce the time and money required in cleaning and maintaining your car’s exterior. Especially if your car is typically parked outside you can decrease the frequency of washes necessary. Wax and protective coatings also last longer when shielded from the elements by a car cover.

5. A Theft Deterrent

If you have a particularly fancy car, a car cover can also serve as a theft deterrent. Keeping your car covered when it is parked will prevent potential thieves from determining the rewards of targeting your vehicle, not to mention that it’s awfully hard to make your getaway when you can’t see where you’re going!

Article by Will from Beverly Bay.

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