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Recommended Reading: Corvette Forum Giveaway Contest

Own a Corvette or know someone who does?

Think they might enjoy a Corsa Xtreme axle-back exhaust? Then this recommended read is for you.

First, let’s listen to a Corsa Xtreme on a Corvette:

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Not too shabby. If I owned a Vette, and I didn’t already have an exhaust (hard to imagine that I wouldn’t make that purchase on the same day), this would be pretty nice. My only question: What, exactly, do I have to do to enter this contest? I can’t find any mention of the rules in the press release or on the website.


From Corvette Forum is a free resource for all Corvette Enthusiasts and is proud to announce that two lucky Corvette owners will receive a premium CORSA Corvette Xtreme axle-back system.

Read the full story at

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  1. Oct 22 2010

    I have a 99 fixed roof coupe, and I have been waiting forever to buy this exhaust. I guess I am not ever able to purhase this because I always have to buy other thinks.

  2. Jason
    Oct 22 2010

    Ryan – Isn’t that the truth? Just when you’re ready to buy something cool for your car, something else always seem to come up.

    How did the giveaway go?


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