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C and D’s Name That Exhaust Note

Recommended Reading: Name That Exhaust Note, Episode 57

This challenge is impossible. If I had to guess, I would say:

  • The sort of tin-like reverberation under hard acceleration makes me think car
  • The deep sound definitely makes this a V8 (or bigger)
  • The lack of road or engine noise makes it hard…trucks usually make a ton of engine fan noise (big cooling), and really aggressive sports cars make tire noise, so this is either a great recording or a luxurious sedan
  • My wild ass guess: BMW M-something

BTW, dudes over at C&D – How about allowing me to comment without logging in? I would have been glad to drop my guess on your site if you didn’t make me jump through a stupid little hoop…

Check back tomorrow on the C&D blog here to find out the answer.

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Name That Exhaust Note, Episode 56

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