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Coming Down Too Hard On The UAW or Not Hard Enough?

Recommended Reading: The UAW Will Forever Handicap Ford, GM, and Chrysler

Are you a fan or member of the UAW? A general supporter of unions? You may find this article on TundraHQ a little offensive. Of course, this video (featured in the article on TundraHQ) is pretty offensive too:

While there’s some good news to report – most of the autoworkers in this video have been fired – the main point of the article on remains: the UAW seems to foster a poor work environment while being unable to come to terms with a fundamental change in the auto industry.

What do you think – is the UAW forever going to handicap Ford, GM, and Chrysler?


Based on comments made by UAW President Bob King, it seems inevitable that the UAW will demand more and more compensation – regardless of the health of the parent company or the clear lessons of recent history. Combined with the UAW’s inability or unwillingness to hold their members accountable to the same workplace standards as the rest of America, it seems that Ford, GM, and Chrysler-Fiat are faced with three awful truths:

  1. When they make a profit, the UAW will demand more.
  2. When they lose money, the UAW will refuse to accept less.
  3. The UAW will never deliver the quality and/or efficiency of a non-union workforce because they don’t hold workers accountable.

For these reasons, these companies will forever be handicapped. Read the full article…

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