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Sierra 3500 Exhaust Videos

Sierra 3500 Exhaust System Tips

GMC Sierra 3500 HDThe Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and the GMC Sierra 3500 are the top dogs when it comes to GM’s commercial pickup truck lines. Available in dual rear wheel editions that are specifically designed to tow a huge amount of weight, the 3500 series of trucks share their drivetrains with the more common 2500 versions. This means that for the most part, aftermarket exhaust companies have been able to offer the same type of performance products for the diesel and gasoline engines found under the hood of these ultra-heavy duty vehicles as they would for the 2500 editions.

Of course, there are some differences with regards to body style that have to be taken into account when considering aftermarket exhaust options for the GMC and Chevrolet 3500 trucks, and most of the performance exhaust brands have taken this into account with regards to their offerings.

The most up to date editions of the Sierra 3500 and the Silverado 3500 can be found with either one of two available engines:

  • A 6.0L V8
  • A 6.6L turbodiesel eight cylinder that can grind out a phenomenal 765 lb-ft of torque (660 lb-ft in earlier models).

Very few 3500 series trucks are purchased as daily drivers, which means that brute strength is often the order of the day when considering aftermarket performance options. Exhaust companies which are able to accentuate torque in lower engine rpm ranges through the use of tuned front to back systems move to the head of the line when considering which products to install on a 3500 – especially when it comes to turbodiesel models.

The brands manufacturing exhaust components for the Sierra 3500 and Silverado 3500 are as follows:

These companies are identical to those that feature offerings for the 2500 pickups, and with good reason – each series offers the same drivetrain choices. However, when ordering an exhaust system or even just a muffler from one of these brands, make sure to mention that you own a 3500 series truck, as there could be small changes made to mounting points or piping lengths for a particular system.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and GMC Sierra 3500 Exhaust Recommendations

1. Dually differences. Don’t assume that all exhaust system piping is cut to accommodate your dually. Your fender flares and potential axle differences could get in the way of a traditional pickup truck exhaust designs, so be specific when inquiring about your options.

2. Turbo power. There is a lot of additional power locked up inside your turbocharged V8, and matching a new exhaust system with a high performance tune and turbo-specific plumbing can help you out-tow anyone in your neighborhood – and maybe even surprise a few people out on the highway.

3. Four-wheel drive. If your 3500 features a four-wheel drive system, don’t forget to mention this fact when ordering an aftermarket exhaust. You want to make sure that the headers and pipes you are buying will clear any potential obstructions.

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