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Ram 1500 Exhaust Videos

Ram 1500 Exhaust System Tips

Ram 1500The Dodge Ram 1500 has staked out quite the niche for itself as a brawny, no-holds barred pickup truck option for drivers who value its big rig styling and aggressive drivetrain options. The Ram has always been known for its in-your-face horsepower, dating back to the 90’s when it introduced the first V10 engine in a commercially available pickup truck. As a result, aftermarket performance companies have a special place in their hearts for the Ram, and a wide range of different exhaust options can be fitted to this vehicle.

That original V10 might be gone, but Dodge has made sure to continue to push the limits when it comes to horsepower in its full-size trucks. With the introduction of the HEMI line of engines, the Ram has been able to run with the industry leaders when it comes to overall engine output.

There have been a number of different drivetrain choices available in the Dodge Ram in recent years:

  • A 3.7L entry-level V6
  • A 4.7L V8 engine producing between 235 and 302 horsepower, depending on model year.
  • A 345 – 390 horsepower, 5.7L HEMI V8.
  • A 245 horsepower 5.9L V8 on earlier editions of the truck.
  • A heart-stopping 8.3L Viper V10 that churns out around 500 ponies.

The latest generation of the Dodge Ram (no longer known as a “Dodge” as of 2010) might come with a factory dual exhaust, but that doesn’t mean that improvements can’t be made. The V10 found in the Dodge Ram SRT10 benefits significantly from a set of tuned aftermarket mufflers, as they can transform the engine’s exhaust note from tractor-ish to exotic. In terms of performance, the HEMI V8 responds well to catback systems as well as header installs, freeing up some additional power and adding even more menace to the sound of the engine at full throttle.

The list of aftermarket exhaust companies providing options for the Ram 1500 are extensive:

Domestic exhaust brands dominate this list, which also features a number of names that will be familiar to anyone who has perused the pickup truck performance world in the past. Most of these companies offer a full range of components, but some are more specialized and market only replacement mufflers or headers.

Dodge Ram Exhaust Recommendations

1. Towing power versus racing speed. Opinions vary, but the design of a truck’s headers and exhaust system can impact the delivery of low end torque. You should investigate your options and determine which brands make what claims in order to match expectations to your actual driving needs.

2. Louder pipes. A lot of the time, a simple muffler swap will be enough to put a smile on your face if all you are looking for is a great sounding truck. Don’t give in to the temptation to overspend and end paying for more exhaust than you actually need.

3. Four-wheel drive considerations. If you regularly go off-roading, make sure that the exhaust components you select for your Ram don’t negatively impact your ground clearance. Pipes should stick as close to the top of the chassis as possible.

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