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5Zigen Exhaust Systems

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About 5Zigen Exhaust Systems

5Zigen is a Japanese exhaust manufacturer that has been offering performance products for decades. 5Zigen doesn’t just handle aftermarket clients, but the company also a full portfolio of OEM work. The brand has also been a very active sponsor in the world of Japanese racing since the late 1980’s, and brings much of its racing and competition experience into its aftermarket products.

5Zigen Exhaust Lineup

In addition to producing what it refers to as “maintenance parts” (silencers, etc), 5Zigen also breaks its exhaust components down into the following product lines:

  • ProRacer Exhaust – The priciest and highest quality exhaust systems available from 5Zigen.
  • ProRacer Competition Series – A line of exhaust systems based on the 5Zigen race designs.
  • 5Zigen Exhaust – An array of different system layouts meant to tackle a wider range of applications
  • 5Zigen Competition Series – Sports mufflers designed for dual street and track use.
  • BEATA Sports Mufflers – Mufflers meant for ultra-compact performance.

It is also possible to buy individual components from several of the lines, with some very vehicle-specific exhaust products available from the company.

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5Zigen Exhaust System Videos

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