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Apexi Exhaust Systems

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About Apexi Exhaust Systems

Apexi does not have the same lengthy history in the exhaust industry as some of its competitors, having been founded in 1992, but the brand does enjoy a good reputation amongst import tuners and racers alike. Apexi doesn’t just manufacture exhaust components (the brand sees its name tied to a number of different performance products), but its research and development in the exhaust world has helped it gain acceptance in commercial diesel applications in addition to its retail operations.

Apexi Exhaust Lineup

Apexi offers full systems, universal mufflers, downpipes and other exhaust accessories and components. Its products break down into an almost overwhelming number of different product lines. A few of the highlights include:

  • RS Evolution and RS Evolution Extreme – Full exhaust systems for turbo vehicles.
  • Noir – Stealthy matte black mufflers.
  • WS II – Street mufflers focused on maximum performance.
  • GT Spec – High power mufflers with ultra-wide piping.

Apexi Exhaust Warranty

Apexi warranties all of it full stainless steel exhaust components for three years. Other exhaust products and accessories come with one year of warranty protection. Warranty claims are handled through points of purchase, not directly from the consumer to Apexi.

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