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Banks Exhaust Systems

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About Banks Exhaust Systems

Gale Banks Engineering – otherwise known as Banks – has been a pioneer in producing high performance diesel components since it was founded in 1958. Banks has offered its diesel expertise to OEM manufacturers as well as aftermarket tuners, dramatically opening up the field of what diesel truck owners could expect in terms of quality and output from an exhaust system. The company is still headed by president and founder Gale Banks, who has been an active part of the 200-person team working at the Banks facility in Azusa, California. Gale Banks offers a lifetime warranty on its exhaust systems, and many of its products are fully compatible with existing manufacturer warranties on brand new vehicles.

Diesel Power

Banks manufactures Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust systems for Ford, Dodge and GMC/Chevrolet applications. The design of these systems is intended to reduce backpressure thanks to the use of straight-through mufflers.  Diesel Duals systems also target drone, helping to lower the volume at highway speeds inside the cabins of diesel trucks.

Not Just Diesel

In addition to its celebrated diesel performance exhaust systems, Banks also offers single and split-dual outlet Monster exhaust systems for gasoline-powered trucks and sport-utility vehicles. Additionally available from Banks are its TorqueTubes exhaust manifolds, which offer the ability to crank up the torque from V6 and V8 applications thanks to a design that significantly improves exhaust gas flow.

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Banks Exhaust System Videos

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  1. Chuck Coffman
    Apr 9 2017

    I bought the Banks monster exhaust last week for my ford f350 with the big 460 engine sure was disappointed when I started it after installing the Banks exhaust on her factory exhaust sounded better this banks system is as quiet as a church mouse what a big mistake this was, sounds nothing like what is posted on your video!


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