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Blitz Exhaust Systems

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About Blitz Exhaust Systems

Blitz is a Japanese performance parts company that has been involved in racing since the 1970’s. The company formally came into being in 1980 and began to offer products for use both inside and outside of the racing world.  Blitz maintains an important presence in the European, Japanese and American aftermarket scenes.

Blitz Exhaust Lineup

The Blitz exhaust lineup in the United States is dominated by its performance mufflers and cat-back systems. In some cases, Blitz offers full-on replacement exhaust systems that are intended for track use only,

  • Nur-Spec C-Ti – Titanium and stainless steel design for a racing look on the street.
  • Nur-Spec DT – Double tube stainless steel mufflers.
  • Nur-SpecR – Straight pipe systems designed to be used on the track, with available silencers for street use.
  • Nur-Spec – Center pipe-back muffler systems that improve gas flow versus stock.
  • Nur-Touring – A compromise between power and noise level for the street.

Blitz also offers downpipe solutions for turbocharged cars.

Blitz Exhaust Warranty

Most Blitz exhaust systems come with a one to two year warranty against manufacturing defects or problems such as corrosion. Blitz does not cover problems related to denting, although minor scraping does not void coverage.

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