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Bully Dog Exhaust Systems

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About Bully-Dog Exhaust Systems

Bully Dog has been producing performance exhaust systems since 1998. The company has always had a particular focus on diesel performance, which was a largely untapped segment of the market when the brand first appeared on the scene. Until 2005, Bully Dog built only diesel exhaust components, but since that time it has branched out to include gasoline applications in its product lineup. The company also handles industrial and commercial exhaust systems.

Bully Dog Exhaust Lineup

Bully Dog separates out its exhaust lineup according to the brand of vehicles that its components are intended for. The company offers Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Dodge and GM (GMC and Chevrolet) exhaust components, as well as a range of universal tips. Bully Dog generally focuses on trucks, vans and SUVs when it comes to its complete exhaust systems, although it could be argued that its universal tips could be adapted to a wide range of different vehicles.

Bully Dog Exhaust Warranty

Bully Dog offers a one year warranty on all of its exhaust systems, as well as a 30 day return policy on uninstalled exhaust products.

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