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Corsa Exhaust Systems

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About Corsa Exhaust Systems

Corsa Performance Exhausts is a relative newcomer to the high performance muffler and exhaust system scene. Established in 1998, Corsa initially focused its efforts exclusively on the Chevy Corvette market, which helped it to make significant in-road amongst a very performance-minded segment of the aftermarket exhaust industry. Corsa systems were also available as factory-installed accessories on several different General Motors vehicles throughout the 2000’s.

Corsa Design Technology

Corsa makes use of what it terms Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology in order to prevent drone in its exhaust systems. According to Corsa, by reflecting sound waves inside the muffler instead of merely absorbing them, their products are better able to mask irritating frequencies under regular cruising while still providing a blast of loud pedal when wanted. The brand’s RSC mufflers direct sound waves into special channels that then return them “180 degrees out of phase” into the main exhaust flow, effectively quieting down the system.

Perhaps most intriguingly, Corsa claims that this technology is such that no two vehicles feature the same muffler design, indicating that the brand has put a lot of research and effort into tuning to eliminate specific drone frequencies associated with certain models.

Corsa Products

Corsa systems come with all of the mounting hardware required for installation. They are built out of 304L stainless steel, feature a lifetime warranty and are all manufactured in the United States.

Find A Corsa Exhaust For Your Vehicle

Corsa Exhaust System Videos

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  1. neil smith
    Nov 12 2014

    I have corsa extreme axle back on my 2012 Boss 302. Sound great but Im wanting to put corsa x pipe as well. Any choices on x pipes by corsa and do you have sound clip of 2012 boss 302 with side pipes wide open and xtreme axle back with your x pipe?

    • Jason
      Mar 3 2015

      Neil – V8’s don’t need x-pipes. The sound is balanced from one side of the motor to the other. Whatever changes you get in the exhaust note will be minimal.

  2. neil smith
    Nov 11 2015

    Jason, many thanks. Have had my Corsa Extreme axle back exhaust since May. My, my what a difference. Sounds absolutely fantastic. LOL, really turns heads and performs much better. Seems as tho it breathes alot better. Love the down shifts and that “misbehavin clatter it makes. I believe I made a great choice with Corsa.

    • Jason
      Nov 27 2015

      Awesome. Glad to hear it.


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