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Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

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About Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Ray Flugger, who founded Flowmaster in 1983, was known for creating restriction-free “suitcase mufflers” for California sprint car racers back when the company got started. Nearly 30 years later, Flowmaster has become one of the best-selling exhaust brands in North America.

Flowmaster offers a full line of mufflers for every taste and budget, as well as a large selection of cat-back systems, custom mufflers strictly for racing applications, headers, and even ATV mufflers. Flowmaster’s principle technology is called “Delta Flow,” and it’s billed as a very precise chamber design that cancels sound waves using deflectors placed in a specific arrangement. The goal of any sound canceling muffler is to clip or eliminate sounds outside a specific frequency range.

Flowmaster muffler cross section

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Flowmaster also refers to their mufflers as “power chambers” because – supposedly – they create additional power. The specifics aren’t mentioned, but the explanation goes like this:

  1. Exhaust gases don’t flow at a constant rate – they pulse.
  2. As gases pulse out of the exhaust pipe, they create turbulence at the end of the system. Exhaust gases flow out, and then outside air rushes back in. This creates what is essentially turbulent flow at the end of the pipe.
  3. If a muffler can help to smooth and control the flow of the exhaust gases, it can make them a little more consistent and reduce the turbulence at the end of the system.
  4. A smoother, less turbulent flow results in more power.

Flowmaster also claims that their muffler design converts sound energy into areas of low pressure, further enhancing the flow of a Flowmaster muffler and allowing them to call their system a “power chamber.”

Flowmaster’s patented “chambered” design is what sets it apart from any other muffler. The theory behind the design is based on basic principles of physics. By splitting the exhaust stream (exhaust pulses & sound energy) and then recombining them in another chamber, the collision of energy cancels the sound waves which creates a low pressure area in its place. This resulting low pressure area then helps scavenge/accelerate the following pulses into the muffler and out the tailpipe resulting in a more efficient and cleaner burn, which means more power.

While it’s hard to know how much of this is science and how much is hyperbole, it’s obvious that Flowmaster knows something about mufflers…after all, they’re one of the best-selling companies and a popular choice for vehicles of all makes and models.

Here are some tips about Flowmaster’s products:

  • Lower muffler numbers = louder mufflers (generally). Flowmaster 40’s, for example, are a little louder than 50’s and much louder than 60’s or 70’s. There’s a good summary of all of their product lines on their website here.
  • Warranty: 10 years on stainless systems, 3 years on aluminized systems.
  • Cost: You’ll find that Flowmaster is cost competitive with almost any manufacturer.

With their well-known reputation and numerous installations to their credit, Flowmaster mufflers should be considered if they are available.

Find a Flowmaster Exhaust System For Your Vehicle

Flowmaster Exhaust System Videos

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  1. Felix
    Nov 4 2016

    I have a 2003 Honda Accord , 2 Dr Coupe , 3 ltr v6 makes 240 hp . Not lookin to make hp as much as a nice sound . THE stock exhaust is very quiet . NOT lookin for real load either
    Can u make a suggestion.

    • Jason
      Nov 5 2016

      Felix – I don’t have a good suggestion. Most of the exhaust kits made for your vehicle are pretty loud and brash. You might consider going with a muffler upgrade only…it won’t add much horsepower, but it will give you some sound, and it’s easy to change it out if you don’t like it.


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