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Greddy Exhaust Systems

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About Greddy Exhaust Systems

GReddy builds more than just exhaust systems and components – this import-focused tuning company has been churning out a range of different high performance parts and accessories since 1977.  Based in Japan, GReddy made it to American shores in 1994 and caught the zeitgeist surrounding the import tuner movement.  Surfing this wave, some of its first products were exhaust-related, and the brand was able to establish a reputation amongst budget-conscious tuners. GReddy offers varying warranty protections for each of its exhaust systems, but claims one of the lowest warranty claim rates in the business.

GReddy Products

GReddy’s exhaust lineup covers both economy-oriented and full-on racing performance products.

  • Spectrum Elite – SE – These exhaust systems are meant to appeal to drivers who must respect local emissions and noise regulations while seeking to improve performance.
  • Racing Ti-C / Turbo Ti-C – A compromise between street regs and competition-inspired flow, the Turbo series offers wider than the Racing series pipes. Most Ti-C series exhaust comes with a removable silencer.
  • Comp Ti-C – Not intended for street use, these systems eliminate catalytic converters in favor of a straight-through design.
  • Racing Titanium – Similar to the Comp Ti-C, with all piping forged out of lightweight titanium.
  • Off-road – Like the name suggests, these headers, pipes and mufflers are strictly track-only.

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