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HKS Exhaust Systems

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About HKS Exhaust Systems

HKS is another long-time Japanese performance parts manufacturer that eventually made it over to the United States after a solid decade of serving the JDM scene. Since 1982, HKS USA has been expanding its operations on this side of the Pacific Ocean, and the brand’s extensive participation in professional racing has helped to seal its reputation amongst high performance enthusiasts.

HKS Exhaust Technology

HKS divides its exhaust engineering into two primary categories: street and track. Its street designs offer the following characteristics:

  • Full compliance with factory emissions equipment
  • 95-decibel sound limits in keeping with California Vehicle Code.

Off-road designs do not follow these particular requirements, and as such offer less gas flow restriction when compared against their street cousins. Not all HKS exhaust systems are covered by warranty protection (such as off-road or motorsports systems), but some systems are eligible for a four-year warranty.

HKS Exhaust Design

HKS takes the time to tune each of its exhaust systems for its intended platform, which places the brand a cut above typical ‘universal’ performance muffler and exhaust system manufacturers. The company also divides its lineup into sub-categories for each specific automobile that are based on the details of the vehicle’s tuning. For example, a muffler designed for a turbocharged model will feature a different design than that sold for a normally-aspirated edition of the same car.

In general, HKS favors a straight-through design, with only a few of its offerings making use of chamber-style internals. Direct bolt-on hardware is also emphasized, with HKS mufflers and exhaust systems offering easy installation onto most stock automobiles. In addition to stainless steel construction, HKS mufflers make use stainless steel wool and Advantex fiber glass packing in order to deaden sound and achieve longer component life.

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