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Injen Exhaust Systems

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About Injen Exhaust Systems

Injen has been in the aftermarket performance game for more than 10 years now. The California-based brand sprouted as a side project from RD Metal Works, a manufacturing company that was involved in building and designing engine air intakes. The most popular line of Injen exhausts first hit the market in 2003, and since then the brand has been incrementally growing the number of products that it offers to horsepower-hungry drivers.

Injen Exhaust Lineup

Injen offers two main types of exhaust systems:

  • Super SES (Stainless Exhaust System) – The Super SES exhaust systems are meant to increase horsepower and torque, and utilize straight-through mufflers combined with robotic TIG welding and flared tips.
  • Titanium Tip Exhaust – TT editions of the Super SES line add a titanium tip with a larger overall opening when compared against standard Super SES systems.

Injen manufactures universal muffler systems, but it also provides brand-specific systems design to target popular import performance vehicles such as those built by Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Scion and Subaru.

Injen Exhaust Warranty

Injen provides a one year warranty on all of its exhaust components, covering any issues that might arise from an improperly manufactured system. Injen will replace defective exhaust components, but will not cover the cost of removing or installing exhaust parts.

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Injen Exhaust System Videos

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