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Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

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About Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow’s claim to fame is simple: they make straight-through mufflers at a state of the art facility in California. Every weld is robotic, and every muffler flows just like a straight piece of pipe without restriction. Magnaflow started building catalytic converters about 30 years ago, and since that time they’ve grown into one of the leading after market exhaust manufacturers in North America.

Magnaflow mufflers are flow bench tested to ensure one thing: no restrictions when compared to a straight piece of pipe.

Maganflow muffler schematic cut-away

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Magnaflow has a full range of products including mufflers, cat-back exhaust systems, decorative exhaust tips, catalytic converters, and special components for racing. Additionally, Magnaflow has produced components for auto manufacturers like Nissan and GM, and special equipment manufacturers like Roush.

Magnaflow can work with major automakers and well-known companies like Roush because they have a sophisticated manufacturing facility that is ISO 9001 certified. Laser-guided robots provide precision welding, and every component is built to very tight tolerances. Finally, Magnaflow uses stainless steel almost entirely (they do offer a low-cost aluminized line as well as a titanium line).

As a result of all this sophistication, precision, and stainless steel, Magnaflow provides a lifetime warranty on all of their stainless steel mufflers and systems. There’s a nice video here that shows off the Magnaflow factory and prototyping process.

Magnaflow also boasts a long list of racing celebrities providing endorsements. Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, Mario Andretti, Chip Foose, Robby Gordon, and others, as well as a “Magnaflow Girl” who offers her likeness and looks to the product. While the endorsement of the Magnaflow girl might not do much for you, it’s hard to imagine Ivan Stewart and Mario Andretti associating themselves with an inferior product.

Here are some tips about Magnaflow’s mufflers and exhaust systems:

  • Warranty: All stainless steel systems carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Cost: Despite using a U.S. manufacturing plant, Magnaflow is cost-competitive with all major after market exhaust manufacturers (even the guys that import). This is probably because of the sophistication of Magnaflow’s plant.
  • Dyno sheets are available on the Magnaflow website. This is nice considering that many manufacturers don’t take the time to publish data, only some of the links are broken, so you might have to contact Magnaflow to get the data.

Find a Magnaflow Exhaust System For Your Vehicle

Magnaflow Exhaust System Videos

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