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MBRP Exhaust Systems

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About MBRP Exhaust Systems

MBRP started putting together exhaust systems and mufflers in the mid-90’s, and although they originally focused on snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles, over time the brand has expanded to include a more extensive line of car and truck offerings.

Diesel Performance

MBRP exhaust systems are typically focused almost exclusively on performance applications, and in some cases the brand has been able to carve out a niche for itself by addressing a segment of the market that had traditionally been ignored by the majority of the exhaust industry. This is exactly what MBRP has been able to achieve with its line of diesel sport truck exhausts, which not only tackle style concerns but also run cooler and produce a less industrial tone than a stock diesel exhaust.

MBRP Products

In addition to its standalone items like exhausts tips, MBRP divides its exhaust systems into five distinct series:

  • Installer Series – designed to serve the low end of the market, Installer Series systems don’t have the polished look of other MBRP offerings but provide the same level of performance expected out of an aftermarket exhaust.
  • XP Series – a more rugged exhaust system that can handle the abuse doled out by harsh winter or tough trail conditions. Guaranteed for life.
  • Performance Series – these all-aluminum exhaust systems are inexpensive and look good, but have the shortest warranty of any MBRP offering.
  • Black Series – just like the name suggests, these systems are made out of stylish high heat coated stainless steel.
  • Pro Series – full stainless systems that represent the top of the line from MBRP.

Find an MBRP Exhaust System For Your Vehicle

MBRP Exhaust System Videos

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  1. Ziah Jolley
    Jul 30 2014

    Nothing happens when clicking on video links using either Firefox or Chrome.

  2. Julia
    Dec 14 2015

    You gotta feed them if you build them. The only thing that makes a diesel run fast, blow smoke, and peorfrm is a higher fuel and air mixture and 1st off a EFI live tuned duramax exspecially the LMM duramax has valves twice the size of a 6.0 powerstroke and if you dont believe me look at the specs and you will see after the 7.3 was basically outlawed because it wouldnt pass emisions ford thowed together a 6.0 in a few months thus the valves was to small resulting in overheating.


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