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New Hushpower dbX Mufflers from Flowmaster

Flowmaster’s most recent newsletter mentions that a new Hushpower muffler called the dbX is “set to debut.” This is sort of funny because the dbX has been out at least since SEMA (about 4 months ago, give or take) and probably longer. I guess the public still hasn’t found out about it.

The big benefits to the dbX are:

  1. They meet strict noise regulation requirements. If you live in a place where loud mufflers are verboten – or you aren’t the kind of guy or gal who digs a loud exhaust system – the dbX should be on your consideration list.
  2. The external surface runs cooler than most other after-market mufflers, which makes it easier to use them on small cars, run them closer to other components, etc.
  3. No ‘fast and furious’ fart-can noise that so many sport-compact mufflers and/or mufflers for small displacement engines seem to suffer from. Hushpower doesn’t want your small engine to sound like a lawnmower.
  4. Price. They’re cost-competitive with anything you’ll find on the market

Here’s a schematic of the new dbX from Flowmaster:

Hushpower dbX Muffler Schematic Cut-Away

A nice schematic cut-away of the new Hushpower dbX muffler. Click for a larger view.

The construction of the dbX is somewhat unique in that it features a polished 304 SS casing around a regular 409 SS body (read about the difference between 304 and 409 stainless steel), so you’ve got a nice shine on your muffler if you decide to mount it directly at your rear bumper.

Based on all the features, it seems like this muffler is really designed for compact cars. The cool exterior means you can mount them right up against your rear bumper or body kit, and the polished surface means they’re meant to be placed somewhere visible. However, Flowmaster says that they will be producing this muffler for V6’s and V8’s, so they’res a good chance we’ll see them on some Lexus, Mercedes, and other high end cars that need performance mufflers that aren’t too loud.

If you’ve got a sport compact but you want to sound like a grown-up when you drive down the road (LOL), this might be the muffler for you. Visit our Flowmaster exhaust videos page for some sound samples.

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