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Top 3 Performance Exhaust System Brands

Top 3 Exhaust System Brands

Choosing the right exhaust system brand doesn't have to be difficult

So, you’re finally ready to drop an aftermarket performance exhaust system in your car, excellent! But, where do you start looking and what brands have proven themselves to be worth every penny? There’s nothing like adding a modification to your precious baby and loving every minute of its performance for the next several years. There is also nothing worse than making a modification to your car and it not working or falling apart over time. Nothing worse at all. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new performance exhaust system. Let’s start with reputations first.

Borla Exhaust

Borla Performance Industries

These guys know how to make an exhaust system. Whether you’re looking for a cat-back, s-type or boomer Borla manufactures some of the finest stainless steel racing gear around. For over 3 decades these guys have been designing and making top notch exhaust products and you know it’s good when the company got their start making products for Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. They believe in their products so much that their street line is backed with a million mile warranty.

Corsa Performance Exhaust Systems

Corsa Performance Exhaust

Corsa exhausts are pure craftsmanship. If sound is what you’re after, their engineers have mastered the sweet spot. As far as user-friendly instructions, customer service and company culture goes, Corsa shines above the rest.

Flowmaster Exhaust


Flowmaster boasts five different exhaust system series: Pro Series, Force II, American Thunder, Outlaw Series, and dBX Series. Through an extensively equipped research and development department, Flowmaster is able to provide a wide variety of exhaust styles and designs for multiple makes and models.

Each of these companies manufactures their products in America with a serious dedication to the quality of their materials, service and design. When you’re making your decision, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions to determine which one of these fine systems will work best with your vehicle.

1. What is the most important feature or attribute to you?

a) Speed

b) Sound

c) Options

The answers to these questions will help you determine which of these high-quality brands are the most suitable for your needs. Ask around, read a few reviews and research what company has the best fit for your particular vehicle.

Logan is a guest post blogger who writes about aftermarket vehicle modifications, car shows, and finding the right auto transport company.

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  1. Brandon
    Oct 24 2012

    Hey, i got a accord euro luxury dual exhaust, i want an exhaust system but dnt no much bout them, would love to know ur opinion if i should get both exhausts done or just the one side, and i want more power, and nice sound.

    • Jason
      Oct 24 2012

      Brandon – If you’re changing one side of the exhaust system and not the other, you’re going to get some wacky results. I’m not sure what would happen for sure, but my guess is that you’ll get a muted overall sound along with some uneven noise inside the car. I don’t recommend this.

  2. Alan
    Mar 14 2013

    Hey, I got a 2005 HONDA CIVIC EX Coupe and I am thinking about upgrading the exhaust system (mainly for performance and sound) but I
    do not know much about it. What would be a good option for my car?

    • Jason
      Mar 15 2013

      Alan – There’s no right answer. If you’re looking for a good product at a good value, I’d start by looking at Magnaflow and Flowmaster and see what you think from their.

  3. Sahand benshian
    Apr 4 2014

    Hi, I have audi S4 2014, I changed my mufflers and I have problem with it. Its make a lot of noise inside the room at low rpm. What muffler do you recommend me to get? I want something with nice sound like AMG but Not to much noise inside the room .

    • Jason
      Apr 7 2014

      Sahand – No idea. Generally speaking, affordable after-market mufflers and high-dollar European cars don’t mix. I’d look at Akrapovic’s stuff, only it isn’t cheap. 🙂

    May 14 2014

    I have a 2014 mustang and want to add for sound but don’t know what is best out there for my car

  5. Greg TheKid
    Aug 12 2014

    I have an 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis I want to know what is a good exhaust system to put on it an which exhaust tips

  6. Nick Cous
    Oct 27 2014

    I have a 2014 BMW x1 and I would like to put a new exhaust on for performane and sound. what would be my best bet without spending too much money?

    • Jason
      Oct 28 2014

      Nick – I wouldn’t touch it. BMW isn’t really putting cheap systems on their vehicles, so adding a simple muffler to your vehicle probably doesn’t do anything but make it louder. If you’re looking for power, you need to invest in a real cat-back system that’s designed specifically for your vehicle…and those are rarely cheap when we’re talking about BMW.

      SO, you can either go with an inexpensive muffler that makes your vehicle a little louder, go with a tuned cat-back that will improve power and sound, or just leave it be. Since it’s a small engine – and small engines tend to sound very raspy – I wouldn’t bother.

  7. Lee
    Jul 7 2015

    2002 VW golf gti vr6 12v

    I want to go with Borla but is there any systems or parts of a Borla system compatible with it?

    • Jason
      Jul 20 2015

      Lee – Sounds like a great question for the Borla website! 😉

  8. Jun 15 2020

    Hi Logan, Do you find the right auto transport company yet?


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