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MBRP Adds Two New Exhaust Products

Last week, MBRP added two new products to their line-up – a turbo downpipe for 01-04 Duramax diesels and a single side-exit cat-back for 2009+ Yukon and Tahoe. Here’s a quick breakdown of both:

Downpipe for 01-04′ Duramax Diesel

MBRP Duramax downpipe

Downpipe for the 01-04' Duramax Diesel

The new MBRP downpipe (learn more about exhaust system downpipes) promises improved performance because of it’s increased diameter and mandrel bends, but unfortunately we don’t have any dyno data to show you regarding this claim. Hopefully, MBRP will have something soon.

The MBRP downpipe also promises lower exhaust gas temperatures, mostly because of the ceramic coating that will help to insulate the exhaust gases coming out of the turbo. By insulating these gases, ambient engine compartment temperatures are lower, and as a result the system’s temps stay down too. is selling this downpipe for about $250.

Cat-Back exhaust for 09+ Yukon and Tahoe – Single side exit

MBRP single side exit exhaust for Yukon or Tahoe

MBRP single side exit exhaust for Yukon or Tahoe

The MBRP XP series side-exit exhaust for the 09′-and-up Yukon/Tahoe is made from 16-gauge T409 stainless steel. If you follow exhaust manufacturers closely, you’ll note that many other exhaust system builders use 301 or 304 stainless instead of 409. The difference? For most purposes, not too much. However, if you’re particularly concerned about corrosion (and if you live in the NorthEast USA or Canada you should be particularly concerned) 409 is less rust-resistant than 304.

Fortunately, MBRP offers a “pro-series” version of this system that’s available in 304 with a reasonable cost difference. sells the T409 version (aka XP series) for about $450, whereas the Pro Series with 304 stainless costs about $650.

Considering that a 409 stainless system might not last as long in some climates, the Pro Series might be worth the extra cost IF you live in a corrosive climate.

Again, we have to fault MBRP for failing to provide a dyno test on this new single side exit cat-back system for the 09+ Tahoe or Yuken, but perhaps they will in time.

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