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A Bad Review For Callaway Corvette Exhaust System

Callaway is to the Chevy Corvette what Roush is to the Ford Mustang – they both make a great thing just a little bit better.

In Callaway’s case, that means improving on the already excellent Vette. Some of these improvements are focused on comfort – like some incredibly comfortable new seats – but Callaway is also focused on performance.

Callaway Corvette

Callaway doesn't make the Vette, they make the Vette better

The problem is, it’s hard to improve upon the performance of the already capable Corvette. It’s especially difficult to improve the exhaust system – which is probably why Car and Driver gave the latest generation Callaway Corvette exhaust system a bad review: Read moreRead more


New MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust for 01′-05′ Duramax

MBRP has announced a new single, side exit cat-back exhaust system for 2001-2005 Chevy and GMC Duramax trucks. The new system is part of the MBRP Performance Series, which offers big sound and performance without a big price.

MBRP uses aluminized steel for their Performance Series instead of stainless steel to save money. While stainless is always a good choice, it’s not always necessary. Stainless systems last a long time, but what if you’re buying a replacement exhaust system for an older vehicle? There’s not much point in buying a top-quality exhaust for a vehicle that’s on the downhill side of life.

Stainless systems are very corrosion resistant, but what if you live in a dry, rust-free climate? There’s not much benefit in that situation. You can learn more by reading our stainless vs. aluminized steel comparison.

MBRP’s new system for 2001-2005 Duramax features: Read moreRead more


Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Systems for Porsche Owners

There will always be a market for ultra-high end automotive performance parts, and on the exhaust side of that equation is Akrapovic, a European company which has been manufacturing top shelf components since 1990. Founder Igor Akrapovic parlayed his success as a motorcycle racer into a performance exhaust empire that builds both parts and complete systems for bikes and cars.

Slip-on Akrapovic 911 Turbo Exhaust System

Slip-On Exhaust System for the Porsche 911 Turbo

There are a number of things that set Akrapovic apart from other performance exhaust companies. Read moreRead more


Dynomax VT Offers Drone Free Performance Muffler Design

Aftermarket mufflers are often meant to be loud, but while everyone enjoys the deep throaty sound of a well-tuned exhaust system, almost nobody wants to have to deal with drone. Many exhaust installations sound great at idle or under full throttle, but while cruising, they fill the passenger compartment with a dull, booming sound that is louder at certain rpm’s than others. It can make conversation difficult and give you a headache over long trips – in short, drone is the enemy of good exhaust system design.

Cutaway view of the Dynomax VT.

For a long time, car and truck owners have had to accept at least a small amount of drone when pursuing maximum power with an after market exhaust system. Dynomax, however, has come out with what it claims to be a drone-free alternative to high performance mufflers that doesn’t sacrifice engine output in the name of sound deadening. Read moreRead more


MBRP Adds Two New Exhaust Products

Last week, MBRP added two new products to their line-up – a turbo downpipe for 01-04 Duramax diesels and a single side-exit cat-back for 2009+ Yukon and Tahoe. Here’s a quick breakdown of both: Read moreRead more