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Borla Exhaust Systems

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About Borla Exhaust Systems

Borla Performance Industries (almost always shortened to “Borla”) have over 30 years experience building exhaust systems not just for street applications but also for some of the most competitive racing programs in the world. Led by Alex Borla, a man who can claim a number of patent holdings related to exhaust and muffler design, Borla systems are specifically designed to increase power and look good doing it.

Borla Performance

Borla states that its exhaust systems have been put together so as to offer a 7 to 10 percent performance gain over stock. All Borla systems make use of T-304 aircraft-grade stainless steel. Unlike some other exhaust companies, Borla does not go in for the enormous pipe diameters that are often seen on turbo or other tuner cars. Instead, the brand focuses its exhaust system development on maximizing exhaust gas velocity and improving gas flow from header to tailpipe. By avoiding oversized pipes, Borla is also able to maximize power without increasing low-end vibrations or droning, which helps to create a tuneful exhaust note that doesn’t set your teeth on edge.

Warranty Compatible

Borla makes the specific claim that the installation of any of its exhaust systems will not void the factory warranty of any automobile – provided, of course, that the stock catalytic converter remains in place. While it would be unusual for any car dealership to complain to a customer about an aftermarket exhaust system, for any gearhead who might have had a negative experience in the service bay in the past, Borla’s promise might carry some additional weight.  Borla also offers a Million Mile Warranty for its products, as long as they remain installed on the original vehicle that is still in the possession of the original owner.

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