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Magnaflow Wins Popularity Contest

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Our congratulations to Magnaflow for winning the “Best Exhaust Manufacturer” People’s Choice award two years in a row. According to legend, will sacrifice a virgin in Magnaflow’s honor.

Magnaflow award will sacrifice this virgin in Magnaflow's honor.

OK fine. I made that up.

But seriously, winning a popularity contest is kinda cool. Recognition from the masses is never a bad thing.

If I had to guess, I would say that Magnaflow exhaust systems are popular because:

  1. They make some very aggressive sounding systems.
  2. They make some very inexpensive systems.
  3. They’ve got a great, memorable brand name.
  4. They sponsor a lot of different automotive events.

Would I say that Magnaflow makes the best overall exhaust system? It depends. I think they’re a very worthy option if you’re looking for an aggressive sound at a good price. On the other hand, if you’re looking for top quality setup with good power and good sound that doesn’t threaten your hearing (and doesn’t have any drone on the highway), Borla would be my recommendation.

What do you think?


We are excited to announce to everyone that MagnaFlow is’s People’s Choice Award for favorite exhaust manufacturer for the 2nd year in a row!, the ultimate social networking site for car lovers, today announces the results of its 2010 People’s Choice Awards. Over 300,000 members were polled for CarDomain’s annual ‘best of’ list. Read the full article…

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