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DynoMax Expands VT Muffler Line-Up

The DynoMax “drone free” VT muffler is now available on a wider variety of vehicles, according to the DynoMax website. We profiled the DynoMax VT muffler a few weeks back, so you should check it out if you haven’t already. The muffler design is conceptually very simple, and based on some testing we found it seems to work.

The list of vehicles that DynoMax has added to their VT muffler line-up is telling – it’s a safe bet that most of the vehicles on this list have some sort of drone problem with a lot of after-market mufflers: Read moreRead more


New Dynomax Exhaust System for 2008-2010 Ford SuperDuty

New Product: DynoMax Exhaust System for 2008+ Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty exhaust system

Diesel pickup trucks can benefit a lot from exhaust systems. Part of the reason is that big diesel pickups rely upon turbochargers, and turbochargers spool up quicker when they’re attached to a low-restriction exhaust system.

Another reason that diesels benefit so much from exhaust system upgrades is that they make a lot of exhaust – especially when they’re tuned up with a computer chip or a Banks PowerPack. If you own a 2008-2010 Ford SuperDuty F250 or F350 with a diesel, you want to look into a new exhaust system.

But what if you own a Super Duty with a 5.4L V8 or 6.8L V10? Read moreRead more


New DynoMax 2010 Camaro Exhaust System Promises Solid HP Gains

New Product: 2010 Camaro owners can enjoy added power, sound and looks with the latest DynoMax exhaust system

After-market exhaust system manufacturers will almost always promise that their exhaust systems improve performance, but often time these companies are unwilling or unable to specify a particular performance improvement. That’s why it’s refreshing to see DynoMax offer specific performance improvement estimates for their new 2010 Camaro exhaust system. Read moreRead more


Dynomax Sponsors 2011 King of The Hammers Race

Recommended Reading: DynoMax® Sponsors 2011 King Of The Hammers Desert Racing Series

Rock crawling – which is commonly known as “driving a vehicle over things that no one thought possible” – is one of the most hard-core automotive endeavors. Desert racing – which is commonly known as “if we break down out here we just might die” – is also one of the most hard-core automotive endeavors. King of the Hammers is a racing event that combines the two –  here’s what you need to know: Read moreRead more


Dynomax VT Offers Drone Free Performance Muffler Design

Aftermarket mufflers are often meant to be loud, but while everyone enjoys the deep throaty sound of a well-tuned exhaust system, almost nobody wants to have to deal with drone. Many exhaust installations sound great at idle or under full throttle, but while cruising, they fill the passenger compartment with a dull, booming sound that is louder at certain rpm’s than others. It can make conversation difficult and give you a headache over long trips – in short, drone is the enemy of good exhaust system design.

Cutaway view of the Dynomax VT.

For a long time, car and truck owners have had to accept at least a small amount of drone when pursuing maximum power with an after market exhaust system. Dynomax, however, has come out with what it claims to be a drone-free alternative to high performance mufflers that doesn’t sacrifice engine output in the name of sound deadening. Read moreRead more