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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

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About Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic is to exhaust systems what Porsche is to cars – there’s nothing cheap, simple, or average about either one of them, and performance is paramount. Akrapovic, a European company, has been manufacturing top-of-the-line exhaust systems since 1990. Named after founder Igor Akrapovic – a famous and well-known European motorcycle racer – Akrapovic specializes in high-end automotive exhaust systems and a huge line of motorcycle exhausts.

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems logo

Akrapovic makes high-end exhaust systems for high-end autos (and a lot of motorcycle exhaust systems too)

What sets Akrapovic apart from other exhaust manufacturers:

  • A significant presence in the motorcycle racing world, something that most mainstream auto exhaust companies (Borla, DynoMax, Magnaflow, etc.) don’t have.
  • Experience in Formula 1, the most popular auto racing circuit in the world
  • Their own titanium foundry, something that’s unheard of  in exhaust production

Why, you ask, would Akrpovic buy their own titanium foundry?  Partially because there aren’t too many of them in the world, and Akrapovic wanted to make sure they had a steady supply.

Partially because Akrapovic wants to maintain perfect quality at a minimal cost.

Partially because that’s just how crazy Akrapovic is about about doing things their own way.

Akrapovic Titanium Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips

An assortment of titanium exhaust tips, with and without carbon fiber

While Akrapovic is world-renowned for their titanium-carbon fiber motorcycle exhaust systems, their most impressive auto exhaust options are meant for the Porsche 911. Considering that a Porsche leaves the factory with a pretty incredible exhaust system (a factory exhaust system on a brand new Porsche is in many ways superior to most after market systems), it seems sort of silly for anyone to sell exhaust systems for these cars after market. However, Akrapovic’s 911 Turbo exhaust system is superior in a few ways:

  • They’re lighter. Going with an all titanium Akrapovic exhaust can shave 30-40 lbs off the weight of your 911. It’s not much, but every pound counts when you’re racing.
  • They feature high-flow cats. For most cars, a high-flow catalytic converter really isn’t a necessary performance add-on. However, a fire-breathing 911 Turbo isn’t “most cars.”
  • Hydroformed tubing. Hydroforming is the ultimate it tube bending technology, allowing complex curves and shapes that are completely smooth and strong. Hydroforming is a step above mandrel-bent tubing. Akro uses both mandrel and hydroformed bending, depending on application.
Akrapovic Porsche 911 Titanium Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips

A couple of Akro's fanciest titanium-carbon fiber tips for the Porsche 911

Akrapovic also offers a louder exhaust system for your high-end automobile if you so choose, but as you can imagine many performance luxury car owners aren’t interested in the “racer” sound…so Akro makes quiet systems too.

Akrapovic is relatively new to the U.S. market, but they’re expanding. Currently, they offer exhaust systems for Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, VW, and of course Porsche. Akro also has systems for a handful of sports cars, including:

Find an Akrapovic Exhaust System For Your Vehicle

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